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Revenge of Slashback Video (2018,US)

An awesome art exhibition!

Digging through our archives of stuff, we felt like we just had to post this even though we couldn’t really find a good place to fit it.

Revenge of Slashback Video is exactly what it looks like, a flashback (slashback!) to a 90’s video store. It was a pop-up exhibition over autumn in California that we, obviously, visited when we were there for Halloween. And it is amazing!

One thing that gets lost in new technology isn’t so much that video cassettes were a crappy way to watch movies but that you had to physically go to a rental shop to get hold of new (or old!) releases. Pre-internet, this was it. And these things were temples. Because a lot of what’s missing nowadays is the garish artwork and promotional materials. There’s so much about this era that I totally loved. I remember first learning that there was actually a third Critters movie by seeing a promo poster pop up in our local video shop under the ‘Coming Soon’ section. No internet to forewarn me of that one or indeed proffer any further info.

These days, a lot of that magic is completely non-existent. Poster artwork is relegated to mainly Photoshop outputs, trailers pop up online seven, or even more, months before a film’s released. Renting videos, to me, was all about zeroing in on the most appealing title (way before companies like Asylum killed that art form off too!) and/or their cover. The covers actually had a much more important role to play in selling a movie in a world before IMDb could tell you everything that you needed to know about a film.

And this place was just amazing – as you can see from the pics, the attention to detail was fascinating. From discontinued drinks (Crystal Pepsi) and old card packs through to standees and other promo items – you have to love that Jaws: The Revenge inflatable!!

And then, depending on how much of an obsessive you are about horror movies, you might notice that a small number of products in the photos below never actually existed – customised cases for popular movies, VHS boxes for films that exist only in the artist’s mind – the love for this genre was palpable!

So this isn’t a review. It’s pure indulgence.

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