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Resident Evil 2 Safehouse Preview

A preview of this weekend’s Resident Evil event in London

We were very kindly invited along to the media preview of the Resident Evil 2 Safehouse event on Thursday and had the opportunity to check the show out before it opened to the public the following day. By the time that this post is published, it’ll only be open for a few more hours, having run for just two days, the 25th and 26th January.

There were three parts to the event – a walkthrough live experience, an immersive bar and then a gaming area. We didn’t see the gaming area when we were there but, presumably, it’d just be a few consoles running a version of the game (the RE7 event ran select demos from that game).

Resident Evil 2: Safe House Ticketed Experience

So this thing sold out pretty much straight away which isn’t a surprise – it was free, tickets were limited and the combination of the property plus the good word that came from the previous live-action Resident Evil event (ours included!) meant that this was always going to be snapped up in seconds!

We were allowed to film our passage through – we have to caveat though that it was a slimmer version of the event, an ‘ambient’ experience as it was referred to on the night. As you’ll see, we still had actors etc. but it was slightly more abridged, passing through each area a little quicker. As a result of this, we decided not to do a review, producing this editorial instead.

You can see our video here (apologies for some of the super-dark bits, we brightened the footage as best as possible without destroying it!):

Resident Evil 2: Safe House Bar Experience

Now, this was cool – we are real suckers for anything themed!! So, seeing a Raccoon City beer along with game inspired cocktails was all the excuse we needed to hang around! Food was served out of ration style tins too!

Full disclosure – we were absolutely terrible at documenting this – we have no idea what any of the drinks were (though we were told at the time) so you’ll just have to make do with some pictures that we took!

Resident Evil 2: Safe House Gaming Station

As mentioned – we didn’t see this part of the experience but imagine it’s pretty self explanatory!


We just hope that this trend for creating immersive experiences to promote new releases continues! We find it so cool that Capcom is prepared to put on such expansive events rather than just slinging around a couple of TV spots! Resident Evil 2, is such a classic game that even just seeing that RPD sign above the door was enough to take us back 20 years!

The addition of the bar was a great touch – it’s crazy to think that this much effort went into a two-day promo event that was free to enter (for those lucky enough to score tickets that is!). Keep your ears to the ground when the next RE game knocks around in case something like this pops up again!

Details here:

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