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FearFest-Evil Announce Condemned

The guys over at FearFest-Evil sent us word of their 2019 Halloween event – our immediate thoughts are that we love how developed the back-story feels for this. The more story and theatricality to haunts, the better we say! We missed FearFest-Evil in 2018 but they have an awesome location and if they can marry that up well with their narrative, this could be a cool destination come October!

Full release follows:

In the darkness, echoes of old time music and laughter have began to fill the halls and corridors of FearFest-Evil. A invitation for the curious ones to witness something more evil than before. The existing creatures are no longer themselves, they have fallen to a new madness. Consumed and controlled by an unforgiving purpose to feed people to this ancient evil. Although it comes with a promise, you will enjoy the fear, smile at the terror, love to become condemned.

It starts with a small handprint, a bump in the night, a gentle push in the dark, the sounds of old music and laughter. Victims become confused, lost and feel alone whilst fighting to escape deep within FearFest-Evil’s walls.

This ancient evil is named Vesila Feeft sister to “Belphegor” and when she reveals herself to you, all will be lost, hypnotic and mesmerising, her smile will leave you begging to see the true horrors of this world.

Our warning if you become lost, Close your eyes tight, ignore the sounds, you must not look, you must not hear, follow the path…

FearFest-Evil returns to Chepstow’s National Diving & Activity Centre (NDAC) in October 2019 with ‘Condemned’.

Early Bird tickets available until Friday 31st May.

For a reduced price of £24.99*, tickets allow access to all Scare Zones.

Book Now:

(* Standard Tickets will be £29.99 at the end of the promotional period.)

Source: FearFest-Evil

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