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Zombie Outbreak: Orlando Review (2016)

Zombie Outbreak is a permanent zombie laser shooter attraction situated on International Drive in Florida.

Zombie Outbreak is a permanent zombie laser shooter attraction situated on International Drive in Florida. We just happened to stumble onto this place as our hotel was nearby!

The experience is split into three intensity levels and priced accordingly – the first level was $25 with no live actors. Each tier shares the same physical space so the focus in the lowest bracket would’ve been on the animatronics of which there were quite a few. Level 2 ($30) had the odd live actor thrown into proceedings. Level 3 (the level that we played) cost $35 and had a ‘horde’ of zombies.

After the safety briefing, you enter a lab environment and, naturally, it doesn’t take long for things to take a sharp dive south! Soon enough, the first zombie made a sudden appearance and we wasted no time in shooting it down! We then moved into the next room and encountered another zombie along with the one from the previous room reappearing. The rest of the game basically followed this pattern of moving into a new room and encountering another zombie whilst being trailed by the ones from previous areas.

We can’t stress enough how intense the zombies were in this game. They didn’t go for impact scares here; the actors moved slowly and purposefully towards you, never letting up. We reckon that there were probably four actors at most in there but it felt like many more simply because of how they used the space, using cutaways in the set to surround and sneak up on us more often than we liked!


Unlike other zombie shooters that we’ve played, this game had a real sinister vibe to it. Instead of groaning and snarling, these zombies relentlessly pursued us in near silence which is something that we’ve never seen before.

We also have to mention the sets and animatronics which added variety to the actor-led zombies. Being a permanent attraction, they’ve done more with the space and the authenticity of the theming adds to the tension – you feel like you’re somewhere you’re not supposed to be! Beyond the theming, the path itself was well designed too with lots of tight corridors and blind corners.


As with any good event, it felt a bit short!

One other thing to point out; if there are a few groups ahead of you to go in, be prepared for a long wait. We had a fifteen-minute wait with just one group ahead of us. It’s another double-edged sword as they don’t mix the groups so you get a full, personal experience but you have to pay for that with the wait. The attraction is definitely worth waiting for but we figure the long wait is something we should point out nonetheless.

Zombie Outbreak: Orlando (2016)


We weren't quite sure what to make of this attraction from the outside but had some spare time so thought we’d venture in and we’re glad that we did! Zombie Outbreak is a great little permanent attraction on International Drive and the option to choose the intensity level means that it's suitable for all but the terminally timid! We'd definitely recommend giving it a go if you're anywhere near it.

Ticket Price: $24.99 to $34.99 depending on the level chosen.
Address: 7364 International Drive, Orlando, FL

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