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Weeping Doll PSVR Game Review

Our first Virtual Scares post – we play Weeping Doll on PSVR, our thoughts inside!

Platform: PSVR

The cover image alone sold me on this one – how can you not feel invited by that creepy doll staring blankly into the ether? The fact that it cost £5.79 didn’t hurt either!

This is a digital only game, something that a decent percentage of PSVR games seem to be. This isn’t a problem for me, I prefer not having the clutter of discs though it makes for a less interesting post as I can’t take pics of the box art etc!

As for the game itself, I’ve posted my full gameplay video on YouTube:

It controls a little weird with your character always being static, movement is achieved by pushing a ghost image of her around and then warping to that image’s position. This is supposedly to alleviate motion sickness, which is apparently common in VR.

Being completely honest, I enjoyed playing this for as long as it lasted. The problem being that as you can see from the video, you can comfortably get through it in 30 mins. It’s a big issue for me as it doesn’t feel like a ‘proper’ game. The story reveals itself far too early and ends just as its getting interesting.

I think what makes this worse is the fact that there’s plenty of doors in the house that you can never open – taunting you with the possibility of further gameplay. What is there is typical escape room stuff and that’s essentially what this game is, a virtual escape game. The puzzles are all on the really basic end of the scale and I doubt will provide much of a challenge to anyone. That doesn’t stop it being fun and mildly rewarding as you discover a new key and move on to the next area. It just needs a few more rooms and puzzles that are actually taxing. As it stands though, I think it’s still worth the price that I paid for it but I’d say that’s the limit.

As for it being a scary game? Not really… It definitely could be but you get the sense early on that the game’s not aiming for that sort of reaction. It’s very brightly lit and the sound design doesn’t contribute much to the atmosphere. In all likelihood, you’re more likely to accidentally scare yourself moving the character image around!

Would I recommend this? With the caveat that you pay no more than I did, it’s a reasonable enough game. Just know that it’s super short, definitely on the easy side and completely lacking in scares. If that doesn’t dissuade you, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! Oh, and the less said about the voice acting, the better!

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