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Virtually Dead Review (2016)

Virtually Dead is a pop-up horror attraction incorporating the unique element of VR.

Virtually Dead is a temporary horror attraction incorporating the unique element of VR. Guests are invited by Cultek to undertake training in order to help them combat the imminent zombie apocalypse.


The build-up to the show was great. About a week before we were due to attend Virtually Dead I received an email with an embedded video where I was personally addressed. And the reveal of our meeting point being under a bridge in East London added to the mystery (especially when a blacked out van drove up and we were bundled into it!). The set up was really well handled. The VR portion of the event was definitely the stand out once we were in, amazing how immersive it was.


The VR part was only roughly ten minutes long and given that the show was called Virtually Dead, we were left to assume that it played a more prominent part in the proceedings. And aside from the VR element, the lack of interaction throughout the rest of the experience made for a relatively mundane time. We were walking through theatrical scenes rather than ever really feeling like we were a part of what was going, there was zero investment.

Final Thoughts…

We still enjoyed this show but can’t help but feel that if the VR was slightly longer and some sections of the rest of the show were more frantic, along the lines of a standard haunt, we would have come away from this pumped. As it was, we had a good time but couldn’t help but feel that they were a few tweaks away from something special. If Virtually Dead returns, we would go again and hope that they balance out the theatricality with some pure adrenaline/horror moments.

Virtually Dead (2016)


Ticket Price: £30

Address: Secret location near Hackney Wick Station, London


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