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Stranger Things – The VR Experience PSVR Game Review

We try out ‘Stranger Things – The VR Experience’ on PSVR

Platform: PSVR

Physical/Digital: Digital Only

Price: Free

Stranger Things needs no introduction, the nostalgia-drenched show took Netflix by storm and garnered a massive fanbase in the process. We haven’t decided where we stand with it, we enjoy the programme but feel it spends a bit too much time referencing eighties culture, never really becoming its own thing. The success of the series is undeniable though and with that comes this VR experience. Experiences are becoming increasingly popular in the VR space, condensed 5-10 minute forays into the world of the latest hot property. They’re usually criticised for being little more than interactive adverts but we think they’re fun as short, little immersive trips into another reality.

There isn’t, admittedly, much to see with this experience, being composed of a few jump scares, leading up to the inevitable finale. But, it does an admirable job of dropping you into a recognisable location from the series. In the short two or three minutes that this experience lasts, it genuinely manages to put you on edge with a number of hints as to an otherworldly creature being present in the house with you, just out of sight.

The controls are basic and the interactivity is pretty limited but then this isn’t pretending to be a fully-fledged experience, just a quick jaunt into a scene from a very popular show. Taken on those terms, the experience is a success. You can watch the entire playthrough here:

Stranger Things - The VR Experience
  • Originality
  • Scare Factor
  • Execution
  • Value for Money


For a free download, Stranger Things - The VR Experience is worth trying out once, you can always delete it after playing, regret free!

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