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The Hunted Experience Review (2018) Fire Hazard

What would Fire Hazard do with the ‘Hunted’ property?

We’re no strangers to Fire Hazard games, having played their Halloween games Shadow over Southwark and Defend the City along with a bunch of their standard Citydash games. Naturally, when we learned that they were teaming up with the production company behind the Channel 4 show ‘Hunted’ to bring to life ‘The Hunted Experience’, we were super keen!

If you’ve played any of Fire Hazard’s previous games, you pretty much know what you’re going to get with ‘The Hunted Experience’. It’s definitely the most refined and polished iteration of their scavenger hunt games but is still very much part of that family. Your basic objective is to collect as much ‘Geocash’ as possible in the 90 mins provided by the game. The Geocash will pay for your ‘extraction’ from the area so it’s vital that you collect as much of it as possible. Especially when only the top three earning teams can be ‘extracted’. You’re provided with a phone that will help you locate the Geocash – in typical Citydash tradition, its a publicly placed marker with a code. Upon entering the code, you’re then tasked with answering a ‘security question’ within a fixed amount of time. The question somehow relates to your immediate area and requires a tiny bit of exploring. Failure to answer the security code results in no cash being earned!

And then there are the Hunters – you will encounter these guys at some point during the 90 mins. The game is clever in the way that it’s set up – rather than ending your time in the experience, an unfortunate meeting with any of the Hunters roaming the streets will result in a deduction of Geocash. So they may not be as intimidating as they are in the show but it would be pretty crappy to be taken out of the game early on after paying £35 for a ticket! What I personally liked about the Hunters was that they were in plain clothes this time – in Citydash and both of Fire Hazard’s Halloween events, it is pretty easy to identify the ‘enemy’ characters. In ‘The Hunted Experience’, not so much. There were a few very, very subtle hints as to who was potentially a Hunter but to say more would be telling! We managed to identify two of them without any prior warning (your phone will indicate if you are close to any of them).

There are a few more details to the game but that’s best discovered for yourself if you choose to go and you absolutely should! We’ve always loved Fire Hazard’s games for putting you in a real (public) place and pitting you against their ‘guards’ because you are in control of your destiny. These events put the choice of what to do in your hands. We recommend not running around everywhere (very easy way to stand out!) but if that’s how you want to play it, go ahead! If you want to err on the side of caution, peeking around every building, go for it. The level of autonomy that The Hunted Experience offers is always refreshing when compared to haunts and even escape rooms that still have the restriction of performing a sequence of tasks to reach an ultimate conclusion.

If you want to know what it feels like to be hunted, to be glaring at every single person in the street with suspicion, ‘The Hunted Experience’ is a must-do. You’ll feel the highs of being nearby a Geocash spot coupled with the lows of realising that a Hunter is also in the proximity. You’ll take every street corner with trepidation. There are very few experiences that we have been through that offer this level of freedom and, by proxy, paranoia.

The Hunted Experience - Fire Hazard
  • Originality
  • Scare Factor
  • Staff
  • Execution
  • Value for Money


+ Level of freedom offered
+ The sense of paranoia the game instills

- Nothing new for Citydash fans

We recommend this, the feeling of being watched and hunted is unparalled compared to 'on-rails' events, offering a more visceral experience.

Price: £32.99 to £37.99
Address: East London somewhere - we can't say much more or the Hunters will know where it is!

User Rating 3.43 (7 votes)
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