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The Haunted Angelus House Review (2016)

On our way over to Scream-A-Geddon, we stopped by The Haunted Angelus to see what they had to offer!

In planning our trip to Orlando, ‘Scream-A-Geddon’ kept appearing as a full-size scream park that’s worth attending so we had to put it on the to-do list. As we came around to planning the particulars, we noticed that ‘The Haunted Angelus House’ was directly on the way to ‘Scream-A-Geddon’ so we figured we’d give it a go!

This was definitely the smallest event that we attended in Florida, not helped by the fact that half of the attraction was closed due to weather. There were three haunts and one hayride which were grouped into two experiences. The first (which we went through) consisted of ‘Night Terrors’ and ‘Crawling Dead’. The second group was comprised of ‘Dead Butler’s Haunted Hayride’ and ‘Andersonville Prison’. This was the one that was closed.

‘Night Terrors’ was a typical 3D maze – black walls, luminous paint, you know the score. However, we found it really well executed if a little short. We then reached a halfway point where we handed back the 3D glasses and continued into ‘Crawling Dead’. This haunt had a hilarious ending where two actors, equipped with chainsaws, relentlessly pursued our group. Non-stop. Attendance was low, presumably because of the aforementioned weather, so I guess our appearances finally gave them some entertainment! They certainly made the most of it with one person in the group eventually asking them to stop! The theming was also surprisingly decent here, the stand-out being the wood cabin façade that we had to walk through, it looked authentic to our eyes!


The main takeaway from the evening was the strong community vibe that the event has. The attraction is a fundraiser for the Angelus House, a non-profit Cerebral Palsy group home, and we got a strong sense that the majority of people were there because they had some sort of connection to the place, from the people working at the event to those going through it. It was especially nice to see that this was a genuine family function with a number of kids getting involved in the event.

The one moment that stood out to us was when we were caught off guard filming one of the animatronics that was placed along the path. A child, about six or seven years old, went ‘boo’ behind us which was a surprise – we weren’t expecting it and didn’t see anyone else around a few seconds earlier! When we turned around we saw that he was decked out as an old-school sheriff with the hat and long brown coat, zombified obviously! I asked him what he was doing at the event to which he replied he was here to scare the adults and then, without a further word, he wandered off into the night to seek new victims!


It was a shame that the other half of the event was closed. As a result, our visit lasted no more than fifteen minutes. I don’t doubt on a busier night, with everything open, there’s enough to keep you occupied but we weren’t too bummed out by it as we had another place to get to that night anyway!

The other thing that we noticed was that it was incredibly easy to get lost in the two haunts that we went through. At numerous points, we had people telling us to turn around or not to go a certain way. It seemed like a tiny bit more could’ve been done to make the route clearer as nothing shatters immersion quicker than someone instructing you to walk another way…

The Haunted Angelus House (2016)


This place had a unique atmosphere to it and we would’ve loved to have attended on a busier night so that we could have experienced everything that it had to offer. That said, we did enjoy ourselves and would say that it’s worth checking out if you’re nearby just for a change of pace to the big events.

Ticket Price: $12-35 depending on haunts chosen.
Address: 12413 Hudson Ave., Hudson FL 34669

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