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Screamfest Announce Cage Fright Live

Well, this sounds fun!!

How much fun does this sound? Screamfest sent us word of Cage Fright Live taking place tomorrow, 4th October at 8pm. Eight volunteers will be led into The Cage where they will be subjected to scares dictated by, wait for it, you! Yes, Screamfest are streaming the event live on Facebook and, somehow, viewers will have a say in what goes down. Colour us intrigued and we shall definitely be tuning in tomorrow, will you?

Full release follows:

You choose their fate!

Tomorrow night at 8pm, 8 volunteers will be blindfolded and led into The Cage.

Broadcast live on Facebook Live, the watching audience will decide what scare they will face.

The volunteers will have no idea what to expect. Their screams are in your hands.

Watch live and vote here from 8pm on Thursday 4th October.

Source: Screamfest

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