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Room 13 Review (2016) Escape Live Essex

Another horror-centric escape room, Room 13 had the distinct feel of a ‘SAW’ movie.

Another horror-centric escape room, Room 13 had the distinct feel of a ‘SAW’ movie, from the killer’s videotaped introduction, with electronically masked voice, to the creepy location, an abandoned hospital. Our mission was to save his captive, Amy, within the hour or she dies as well as us.


The game was simple and straightforward – the clues and puzzles were all logic based. The theming in the room was top notch and once we progressed into other areas, it truly felt as though we could have been wandering through a hospital.

Some of the clues were unique as well, one involving a CD was a cool touch. But most importantly, we never felt like we wouldn’t have sussed any of the puzzles, even the couple that we had to take hints on. There was one (detailed below) that gave us some trouble but that was for a reason other than being oblique.


A few niggly things more than anything that really stood out. One of the game objects was placed behind a large immovable object. It was visible the whole time but we never considered that it could have been part of the game given its placement in the room, we needed a hint there to eventually get around to it!

And whilst it had a very sinister feel to it, the room was a bit more ‘static’ than ‘The Killer’ was.

Final Thoughts:

A great room that had atmosphere and puzzles that were challenging but didn’t feel impossible.

Room 13 (2016) Escape Live Essex


Ticket Price: £14 – £20pp (depending on group size)

Address: 95 High Street, Southend-on-Sea, SS1 1HS


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