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Review: X Scream (2017)

After visiting Apocalyptic Oz, we headed over to the nearby X Scream!

Ticket Price: £16.99 – £22.99

Address: Rhondda Heritage Park, Coedcae Rd, Pontypridd CF37 2NP


X Scream is another event that’s been on our radar for a while – the location and supposed descent underground had us intrigued!

Taking place in a museum on an old mining site, X Scream is a 40 min walk through various mazes with this year’s theme being movies. We’re auditioning for Vlad Volkov’s latest movie and there’s a strong suggestion that this could end up being a snuff flick!

Once we’re through the various health and safety briefings (which this event hammers into you from the website, a follow up email prior to your visit, a waiver that you have to sign, a briefing from a staff member as well as a filmed H&S breakdown just before finally entering) we’re then left to explore the offerings that X Scream has.

To circle back to the OTT repetition of the rules, X Scream seems unnecessarily paranoid about filming in their attractions. One character kept banging on about us not filming when no-one had provided the tiniest suggestion that we would. This clown’s fixation on guests capturing footage seemed really out of place to the point that it stood out enough for us to write about it here. We can only hazard a guess that X Scream have had some real issues with guests in the past but there has to be a better way of dealing with these problems rather than heavy-handedly ‘criminalising’ everyone who walks through. And we’d like to think that we’ve been through enough attractions to recognise overkill. Next time guys, please think of better ways to deliver the ground rules than constantly scolding people for things they haven’t done! And to quickly add, lest anyone think that this is personal, nothing was directed specifically at us – we just got bored of hearing it all, especially once we were actually inside the attraction!

That out of the way, we actually had a great deal of fun in X Scream! After a quick SAW-inspired section, we were halted by military personnel who then proceeded to put hoods over our heads. Yep, our ‘favourite’ – the hooded maze. That said, this season we’ve seen some decent ones and this was definitely up there. Whilst a fair bit of the walk was uneventful, when the actors did appear, they definitely made their presence known! At one point, someone pushed into me with a decent amount of force – we’ve always said that if you’re going to take away people’s sight, you need to fill that gap with something! These guys definitely did that! Over the next 30 minutes we encountered all the famous 80s slashers, went on a jaunt through the woods of the Blair Witch and met the TCM family down in the mines.

As mentioned, this was a contact experience and was all the better for it! Having Freddy lay his gloved hand on my head was slightly unnerving to say the least! Save for the hooded section, no-one was particularly forceful but we can imagine that this isn’t the sort of place where you want people running around in a blind panic!

The theming in general seemed to be lacking throughout with the presence of copious amounts of Heras fencing. It’s one of those things where we suspect that the venue inhibits some of the creativity; X Scream definitely isn’t set in a custom-built venue so they probably have to work with what they have. The mine section was by far the most fun and here we came face to face with one of the creepiest characters we’ve seen all season. It was zombie-like in mannerism (though appeared to possess a bit more intelligence) but was entirely fleshy. Flayed is probably the best word that we can think of to describe this odd creature! It also seemed to be responsible for something else happening in the mine but we reached it a little too late to be sure.

We had a fun time at X Scream, the cast were really into it and the unique location imbued the event with an atmosphere that few other events have. With better theming and less rulebook throwing, X Scream would be a brilliant event!


Lively and hands-on cast


The far too numerous rule dumps

Basic theming

  • Originality
  • Scare Factor
  • Staff
  • Execution
  • Value for Money


There's a fun evening to be had at X Scream although we'd like to see the level of theming improved or the story centered around the very cool location next year!

User Rating 1.67 (3 votes)

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