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Morningstar Review (2017) Parabolic Theatre

A door appeared where there wasn’t one before and it was up to us to investigate what was on the other side!

With a description that cited properties like The X-Files and Bioshock, Morningstar had us sold despite the fact that very little else about the show was divulged. However, knowing next to nothing immeasurably enhanced the performance and was proof that, where you can, attempt to enter these experiences as blind as is possible.

There’s a tiny little bit more info on their booking page and our explanation will be deliberately reductive. There’s a paranormal manifestation that can intermittently appear in the form of a door where there wasn’t one previously. And behind that door is a room. This room can appear in different configurations but with the same contents. There’s also an entity that sometimes appears within the area.

The reason why we came to, inevitably, be exploring the latest occurrence of that space, we’ll leave to those who check it out. Needless to say, absolutely everything’s on theme, even before and after our time in the room.

Likewise, we’ll not go into what may or may not have happened in that room but you can probably surmise that something did happen.

Despite it being incredibly creepy, it was also disarmingly uplifting though the sense that things could switch in a single second was prevalent throughout. We want to say more but really feel like we shouldn’t – not least because we were informed that we were being monitored after our time in the space! I guess all we’ll say is that the contact we made was different to, say, performing a seance…

I personally enjoyed our time in Morningstar. It felt fresh and a hell of a lot of thought and work has evidently gone into it despite its relatively simple staging. Others in our group lamented the fact that there wasn’t a definitive conclusion to the experience. We likened this to our time in Whitechapel – if you expect to leave Morningstar with a full and complete picture, you’ll possibly leave disappointed. But, to us, that’s the beauty of immersive theatre and it’s that little touch that makes everything feel much more real. Not everything in life receives a neat little conclusion with a tidy bow. To use a pretty bad analogy, it’s like a fight breaking out across the room in a pub. You can witness the event but you can’t hope to understand why it escalated to that point. We were simply observers in this entity’s space and we saw what we chose to see. That’s not to say that there isn’t a story here, just that it won’t come to a close with a drop of the curtain and a bow of the cast.

Which is the really cool thing about it, a few days later and it’s still on my mind with all of us wondering what may have happened if we’d made different choices in the room.

The run’s come to a close now but keep an eye on what comes next from Parabolic and if Morningstar ever pops up again, definitely consider it checking it out. It’s a surreal, entrancing experience.

Second opinion: Obey the rules when you enter the room or you’ll miss things like we did!

Morningstar (2017) Parabolic Theatre
  • Originality
  • Scare Factor
  • Staff
  • Execution
  • Value for Money


+ The level of immersion.
+ The unique feeling.

- Morningstar shared its venue with another event and there was sometimes noise spillage.

We had a great time in Morningstar, it's something fresh to our eyes and the type of show we'd like to see more of. If it reappears in the future, clear a space in your diary to go!

Ticket Price: £16
Address: COLAB Factory, 74 Long Lane, London, SE1 4AU

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