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Horses for Corpses Review (2017) A Door in a Wall

Something a bit different for us here, a murder mystery game taking place in Camden Market!

Okay, we’ll be straight on this one – there’s nothing that’s remotely scary about this experience but there isn’t supposed to be! We went along because it looked cool; a murder mystery (see, there’s some relevance to this site!) that took place out in the public. It’s a tough one to explain – it’s part immersive theatre, part scavenger hunt with escape game elements as well as having a plot that we needed to unravel! So yeah, there’s a lot going on!

The conceit was that in the horse-trading world, a famous trader has been murdered and we’re called in to help solve the crime. The list of suspects has been whittled down to three and we have three hours to figure it all out.

Yeah, three hours. Sounds like a long time but you’ll need it! We made a few stumbles that meant we had about five minutes spare at the end of the game. However, without making those mistakes, we still would have needed the time to sift through all the clues that we’d gathered to definitively solve who the killer was. As it stood, we correctly guessed through bits of evidence we had but weren’t able to make a conclusive case when pressed.

We don’t want to spoil anything but the activities here were varied; from traipsing around locations following cryptic directions to solving lateral puzzles and interacting with characters who all had their very distinct quirks! There’s something to appeal to everyone here. For example, I was so fixated on cracking the puzzles that I’d ignored the fact that there was a murder to be solved too! As a result, I missed a lot of the detail offered by characters and messages that we received. Luckily we had players on our team that were a bit more studious than me!


As mentioned, the variety of tasks at hand ensured that there was something for everyone and the fact that it was outside, in a real-world location, made it feel fairly unique to the usual events that we attend. No matter how well themed a set is, it’s still just a set. It’s a small thing but interacting with an actual environment just adds so much more.


A minor thing but nothing about the game, save for trying to guess the murderer, was that complex. Where the game had strived to offer a variety of tasks, it sacrificed some depth. It didn’t stop the game being fun but don’t expect the level of challenge that you might get from a dedicated escape game or the like. But, at the same time, this is what’s good about the game as it has something to play to everyone’s strengths!

Horses for Corpses (2017) A Door in a Wall
  • Originality
  • Scare Factor
  • Staff
  • Execution
  • Value for Money


We'd highly recommend Horses for Corpses to anyone - it's a fun game that's full of variation and totally accessible, we look forward to seeing what A Door in a Wall come up with next!

Ticket Price: £32.50
Address: 87a/87b, Stables Market, Camden, London

User Rating 4 (2 votes)
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