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Review: Ghoulies Haunted House (2017) (18+ show, Ghoulies X)

With a bit of time to kill in Liverpool, we popped into their new permanent scare attraction!

Ticket Price: £18

Address: 40-46 Dale Street, Liverpool L2 5SF


Being a brand new permanent attraction in Liverpool, we went into this one relatively blind. Our expectation was that it’d be similar to The London Bridge Experience but beyond that, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into!

As a bit of a primer, this may not be a full review as the attraction is basically divided into two shows; Haunted House being the pre-9pm show and Ghoulies X is their strictly 18+ event where, per their website, the following can happen: There may be physical contact, segregation and both physical and mental torture for the entertainment of a viewing audience. You may recover in the Ghoulies Horror Bar.

Guess which one we went through! Therefore, we have no idea what the non-extreme show is like and how it may differ to Ghoulies X. What we can definitively say is that all the things that ‘may’ happen in that little blurb most definitely do happen! In particular, segregation seems to be one of their main focuses. The space was littered with doors – we’ve no idea how many of them actually led anywhere but plenty were used throughout the tour to seperate groups. And man, the actors were absolutely ruthless in this aspect (obviously, in the best possible way!). They took great delight in splitting up huddled friends, locking people away in rooms and forcing the stragglers to move on. This place, more than most that we’ve witnessed, is one where you really shouldn’t let on if you’re scared because the characters will totally run with!

And they’re cleverer than just picking on the noticeably panicked people too – it was clear very early on that they’d clicked that we were providing some protection to the others; happy to go first and turn all the blind corners, open doors etc. I had two strangers holding my hands through most of the duration! So, naturally, they pulled me away from the group more than the others, something I loved! One scene that was delivered to me personally was very reminiscent of something that took place in Psychomanteum at Scare Kingdom a day prior. In another moment, I was whisked away on a wheelchair and left somewhere in a certain position where I could hear the others calling for my release.

It was just a crazily chaotic and stupidly fun time. The only complaint that we can levy at Ghoulies was that we were back out in just under 15 minutes – we wanted more!! It’s maybe a touch overpriced at £18 although it’s full of actors and they’re doing a lot more than just shouting ‘boo’ at you. Considering that we paid £5 for Psychomanteum, which lasted for five minutes, the price point isn’t too far off.


The one-on-one experiences

The actors were full of life and very savvy


Would’ve liked it to be a bit longer

Could do with being £2/3 cheaper

Ghoulies Haunted House
  • Originality
  • Scare Factor
  • Staff
  • Execution
  • Value for Money


Pure chaos is the best way to describe this show. Once you're in, it's a full assault on the senses until you're out again! If you're in the area, you owe yourself a visit!!

User Rating 3 (5 votes)

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