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Review: Frightfest 2017 – Thursday

Ticket Price: Full weekend pass £195, day passes from £33 to £66 and individual tickets £14.25 each.

Address: Cineworld Leicester Square, 5-6 Leicester Square, London WC2H 7NA


Cult Of Chucky

Following on directly from the multiple open threads at the end of Curse of Chucky, Cult would have been somewhat alienating to those coming to it without having seen the previous movie although, given that the series is at part 7 now, it’s probably unlikely that many people will start here! It’s evidently a film for the fans of the series with lots of call backs to the earlier films and on that front, it’s largely successful. However, there’s a new concept dropped into the film that absolutely doesn’t work and sets up an ending that would make for a chaotic sequel. Whereas Curse felt like a breath of fresh air with clear but more subtle ties to the franchise, Cult ends up coming across like Seed of Chucky did, a stale imitation of the chapter that preceded it. It also has a more humorous bent as though the series is slipping back to the days of Bride and Seed which is slightly disappointing considering how well Curse toed that line.  That said, it’s still a fun time and it’s only my expectations after Curse that led to frustration with the film.


Death Note

We’ll be honest here – we tried to get tickets to Redwood that was playing in the other screen at the same time but were unsucessful. We just weren’t particularly interested in watching a film on opening that night that was literally going to be online within an hour or two of the screening. As it stood, it was a fairly decent movie concerning a student who discovers a book called Death Note. If he writes someone’s name in this book, along with the cause of their demise, that person will consequently perish. It’s a neat idea on paper but it just follows the same tropes of this well-worn story, that of people becoming corrupted by power. That said, it had a couple of fun Final Destination-esque moments to it with some interesting characters and an ending that definitely took things in an unexpected direction. So we’re half-half on it but think it’s worth giving it a watch, especially considering that it’s streaming on Netflix.



What can we say about this one? The marketing materials had us expecting something fun and breezy and we ended up with something borderline arthouse. It came across as a Pulp Fiction in more ways than one with the fractured storylines and Tarantino inspired directing. We really didn’t enjoy this although we suspect that programming it as the late night film didn’t help with our minds not really willing to keep up with all the random segues that the film kept throwing our way. Thankfully, we definitely weren’t alone in this opinion – we lost count after the eighth group of people walked out midway through the film with the entire row in front of us clearing out before the film drew to its conclusion.



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