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The Catacombs Review (2017) The Game

When over in Paris, we spotted that there was an escape game based on the infamous catacombs. Naturally, we had to go check it out!

Whilst over in Paris, we thought we’d check out an escape room – upon spotting that there was one based on the Catacombs, the decision was made!

During our briefing, we were asked to wear hard hats, with a little joke made about there being falling rocks in the Catacombs. We assumed that this was just for fun to get us in the spirit of the game. About five minutes in, we realised that they were a necessity! This game, being set in the Catacombs, had some areas that were pretty small and one super low ceiling that we banged our heads against many, many times! You definitely feel as though you’re exploring underground caverns here!

The game itself was super physical with many moments that had us quickly dashing from space to space. And whilst there were a few padlocks, the majority of puzzles had some sort of physical element to them.

Not to spoil this game but you actually have two objectives to complete within the sixty minutes. One is obviously to escape the Catacombs with the treasure that you’re down there to find. We won’t say what the other task is but it’s a feature present throughout the game and can result, potentially, in a premature failure. It created a real tension in the room, making every minute count and feel as though you’re constantly in the final moments of the game. The pressure was ratcheted up fantastically. Luckily, our game didn’t end as a result of failing that mission but, if it did, it could be incredibly frustrating. The feeling that we got though was that the gamesmaster was leading the game in such a way that you’d probably not fall afoul of it. So we’re not sure how much of an issue it actually is although be aware that it makes this room one that you can’t ‘warm up’ to – you have to hit the ground running and keep that pace up throughout. As I say, we personally loved the stress that it added.

And one final thing to point out – this game is incredibly search heavy. Whenever we received a clue, it wasn’t because we were stuck on a puzzle but because we’d failed to find something that was hidden in the room. Not a critique at all – just make sure you search this room thoroughly!!


The theming was great – there’s some variation to the spaces which keeps the game fresh but it definitely delivers on the promise of sending you into the Catacombs. Expect skeletons, lots of skeletons!

Also, this game had a very different feel to it with an emphasis on searching and interacting with the environment. The game’s style suited the theme extremely well; clearly, some thought had gone into its design.


It’s a theme in a lot of rooms that they’ll accommodate a two-person team but make you pay for a non-existent third. The Game did this. Whilst we sorta get it, it feels like we were being penalised for being a team of two. We usually play in bigger groups but when you’re overseas you can’t really rely on your full, usual team. If this was in London, we’d have a bigger team so it wouldn’t affect us so maybe it isn’t a huge issue but it’s still very annoying!!

There was also a minor reset issue but we managed to progress in spite of it.

The Catacombs
  • Originality
  • Scare Factor
  • Staff
  • Execution
  • Value for Money


With an incredibly well-themed set, The Catacombs was a great escape game that piled on the pressure from the very first second. Whilst it didn't have any traditional scares, the location plus the potential to fail before the 60 minutes were up made for an intense but fun time! We'd recommend this if you want an escape game that provides a unique experience.

Ticket Price: €25-32pp depending on group size
Address: 51 rue du Cardinal Lemoine, 75005 Paris

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