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Review: Apocalyptic Oz (2017) – Twins of Evil

The first part of our Rhondda double bill!

Ticket Price: £4

Address: Ebenezer Chapel, Tonypandy CF401AP


Having sadly missed visiting these guys last year, we were determined to not make the same mistake twice! Spotting that we could double-up on events with the nearby X-Scream, Apocalyptic Oz became a feature on our Halloween calendar.

And, are we glad we visited! Following an extended scene where we’re caught in the tornado from the story, our journey began in Oz as we met Dorothy who was desperately searching for Toto. When we informed her that, unfortunately, we’d not seen her pet, she led us along the yellow brick road. It was here where things took a turn for the worse. One by one, we met all the classic characters as they sadly succumbed to a virus that transformed them into flesh-hungry ghouls. This culminated in a frenzied escape from Oz as innumerable zombies bore down on us.

We weren’t expecting this at all. Knowing that Apocalyptic Oz is a truly homegrown affair makes what we experienced absolutely astounding. As always, we’ll try and not get into specifics but we have to talk about the opening scene where you find yourself swept up in the cyclone. The effects started subtly, with flashes of lightning providing some brief illumination, but before long we found ourselves engulfed in the storm and these guys threw every conceivable effect at us to pull this scene off. It worked fantastically. The theming elsewhere was way better than it had any right to be and some of the sets were extremely creative – our short trip through the Emerald City springs to mind.

We also appreciated that the performances erred on the more theatrical end of the scale, progressing the story whilst delivering the scares! And not to spoil it but the finale to this attraction was a neat and very creepy spin on the usual ‘chased out of the maze’ climax. The last corridor was the longest single stretch throughout the experience and we wouldn’t be surprised if this was just to drag the finale out! It worked brilliantly well!

To point out one flaw that we noticed; it wasn’t always clear whether we should move onto the next area or not and the actors’ performances didn’t guide us in that respect. It’s a minor thing but something that we haven’t really experienced anywhere else – it’s usually clear when a scene’s over and it’s time to move on. We mention it because there was one moment where we almost resorted to asking an actor where to go, something that would have shattered the immersion for sure.

And whilst not a criticism at all, it’s worth bearing in mind that this was a circa 7 minute experience.

All in all, we were crazy impressed by Apocalyptic Oz – Twins of Evil have produced an attraction that stands shoulder to shoulder with bigger budgeted events and, like Diary of a Deceased, demonstrates that the most interesting stuff these days is coming from the grass roots independents.


That opening scene

The theming

The final corridor


Some ambiguity as to what we were supposed to be doing

Apocalyptic Oz - Twins of Evil
  • Originality
  • Scare Factor
  • Staff
  • Execution
  • Value for Money


Apocalyptic Oz was a crazy fun time. The team behind the show delivered something well beyond our expectations, making them worth keeping an eye on in the future!

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