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Apocalypse World Tour Review (2017) London

After Walking Dead Apocalypse last year, the event returned for 2017 under a different name.

Wow, okay, so let’s get this out of the way first; this is by far the worst event that we’ve ever attended. In the near year that this site has been running, we’ve posted 52 reviews. Only 7 of those were 2-star. We’re generally positive about scare attractions so if we’re critical of an event, you can be sure that there’s going to be a very good reason for it. And in the case of Apocalypse World Tour, we just can’t defend this mess at all.

A small slice of history – we’d visited a previous iteration of this event in Derby, back when it was tied into the Walking Dead property. And we really didn’t enjoy it at all. It came across as a cynical cash grab and the shoehorning of the Walking Dead content felt forced and inappropriate for the setting. Check out the full review here. Nothing has changed and with the loss of the Walking Dead licence, it doesn’t even have that novelty value anymore.

At this point, we just want to just fill this review with expletives!! Deep breath and let’s continue…

Unfortunately, we were only able to get tickets for the 10pm window as this was the only tranche of tickets remaining that could accommodate our group size. We didn’t think that’d be much of an issue at all, especially knowing how Walking Dead Apocalypse operated last year. Wrong. Very, very wrong!

The short story is, we arrived at 9:50pm and didn’t go through until 12:05am. And the really galling aspect of this was the way in which the organisers handled it. They sent a guy out to walk up and down the line explaining that there were delays (we’d noticed!) but the reason he gave was a real kicker.

I really wish I was making this up. There wasn’t a power cut, no-one had been sick inside the event or caused any kind of incident. No, the cause of the two-hour delay from ticketing time was apparently down to people deciding that they needed to use the toilet before entering the attraction. Yes, that was the reason that we were in the queue for two hours and fifteen minutes. The man also delivered this with total conviction.

Look, we don’t have any evidence to the contrary but find it hard to believe that we were queuing for over two hours because of people using the toilet. It just smacked of an excuse that put the blame on us as guests rather than admit that there was some sort of failing on their part. Which there clearly had to have been somewhere. If we had to guess, we’d venture that the tickets were massively oversold but that would just be a guess. We just find that toilet excuse hard to swallow for a plus two-hour wait.

If it didn’t get better, the man was very open about the fact that he wasn’t an event organiser and was just the gun supplier. No-one directly involved with the running of the event could be bothered to come out and speak to the line. Along with everything else and our experience with last year’s event, it feels like they just don’t care at all about the customer.

Believe it or not – we had more issues with that queue and how certain things were handled but we should probably start talking about the actual event!

We paid for the £40 Special Ops tier which gave us access to an extra area and 500 rounds as opposed to the 150 rounds that the £30 Recruit tier afforded you.

Now, the extra area was pretty cool, we’ll admit. Without guns, we had to navigate stupidly small crawl spaces and narrow corridors with zombies behind chain link fencing throughout. These spaces were tight and dark which made for a terrific few minutes. But no sooner than we’d entered were we out again. It was incredibly fun but unbelievably brief. Other than the extra rounds of ammo, this is primarily where the £10 uplift went and, on that basis, it absolutely wasn’t worth the money. Especially when you consider the kind of experience Hide and Shriek’s The Seance offers for a few quid more. The pressure to make use of the additional ammo increased immeasurably!

Onto the main event then! Identical to the Walking Dead Apocalypse, we had a set path that we had to follow, dealing with the undead that hindered our passage. Wearing headbands that would register shots from our airsoft guns, these zombies actually looked pretty decent. The prosthetics were fantastic in the low light and contributed to some pretty formidable ghouls. However, the characteristics of these characters varied wildly from the typical lurching undead to a handful that displayed near human behaviour. So there was a massive inconsistency that spoiled the immersion.

And we’ve probably mentioned this before but zombies aren’t inherently scary or much of a threat on their own. The problem comes from their numbers. If you put a ten-metre space between most of the encounters, you emasculate them. We get that there are costs involved with chucking an entire horde into an event but without it, you’re missing the point of a zombie event. So in short, they looked good but the way in which they were handled was poor.

There isn’t really much more to say on this, there was no story or theatrics to the event. You traversed a pre-existing paintball/laser tag course and shot some zombies. The only other fact that we can offer is that we entered the event at 12:05am and were in our cab home at 12:27am. That includes the additional room that our Special Ops ticket got us as well as the obligatory photo op and gun briefing. Consider that we only called the car once we were outside the event and you can surmise just how long we were actually shooting zombies for. And that cost £40. Add to that the fact that we had to use a cab because public transport was no longer an option for us at that time.

Much like Walking Dead Apocalypse however, we really feel for those who bought the £30 ticket. To us, that would have been worse value considering that you only had 150 rounds and even with 500, two of our group ran out before the end!

Somewhat conveniently, this event only ran for three days so has already ended before this is published. We’ll put it very simply, unless this thing costs £10 max to go through, stay away from any future occurrences. You will regret attending…

Apocalypse World Tour (2017) London
  • Originality
  • Scare Factor
  • Staff
  • Execution
  • Value for Money


+ Prosthetics were cool.
- Terrible crowd management.
- Incredibly brief experience.
- Massively overpriced.

No, just no.

Ticket Price: £29.99 - 39.99 depending on tier chosen
Address: Bunker 51, 3 Herringham Road North, Greenwich, England SE78NJ

User Rating 2.25 (4 votes)


  1. Adam

    August 11, 2017 at 11:54 am

    I couldn’t agree more with your review. We started queuing at 8.45 and entered the experience at 11.15 – by the time we got to the front our excitement levels were zero. The reason for this, as you described above, was beyond laughable. The whole thing was over far too quickly. Thankfully we drove, because otherwise we definitely wouldn’t have made the last train home. To top it all off, I then had a very bizarre and offensive email exchange with the owner when asking for a refund, which unsurprisingly has not been forthcoming. They’re offer of a free play next time they’re in town will not be taken up – I wouldn’t go through this again for free even if there was no queuing issue.

    • ScareAddicts

      August 11, 2017 at 12:35 pm

      Yeah, the queue and their excuse for the delay totally killed our enthusiasm but even taking that away from it, it’s ludicrously overpriced for what it is. We couldn’t believe it was over as quickly as it was.

      To be honest, we never thought about trying to seek a refund but it’s hilarious that the most that they’re offering is a free game. Our cab put us an extra £40 down and we don’t buy that toilet excuse…

      We like to cover everything that we can but we’re not going to touch this one again. Considering that they hadn’t improved on it at all from last year, we have very little faith that any future versions will be any better.

      There’s way better experiences to spend that sort of money on! We’re doing this next month: – it’s out of London but for pretty much the same price that we paid for Apocalypse you get a full hour experience which’ll have theatrical elements and a cool venue – an actual shopping centre!

    • Rachel

      April 25, 2018 at 12:23 am

      OMG! Same thing here in Atlanta GA. Even one of the zombies was on the phone in the middle of the “show”!!! Long lines, very short experience, overpriced ammo (got probably 150-200 for the price of 500), rude instructor, nothing like “Hollywood make-up, costumes etc”, zombies had Tshirts, wigs and some messy makeup or masks which were more like helmets, no special effects. Total emberassment for me that I tried to do something exciting for a loved one. I would not go there even for free. Bunch of liars, rip off and a scam! They maybe made close to $20k/ night with 500 people and $40 tickets. Stay away, people from Apocalypseworldtour!

    • Rachel

      April 25, 2018 at 12:45 am

      Horrible experience! One of the zombies was on the phone sitting on the floor in the middle of the “show”!!! Long lines, very short experience, overpriced ammo (got probably 150-200 for the price of 500), rude instructor, nothing like “Hollywood make-up, costumes etc”, zombies had Tshirts, wigs and some messy makeup or masks which were more like helmets, no special effects. Total emberassment for me that I tried to do something exciting for a loved one. I would not go there even for free. Bunch of liars, rip off and a scam! They maybe made close to $20k/ night with 500 people and $40 tickets. Stay away, people from Apocalypseworldtour!

  2. Ciaran

    August 11, 2017 at 12:52 pm

    Your review has saved me the bother of writing one. Exactly the same experience with long queues, an embarrassingly poor excuse for the delays and an event so short that £40 made it well overpriced. Just on the ammo front, we paid for the 500 rounds. I noticed on the bottom of the two magazines we received, each said 150 respawns, which I guess means shots? Certainly didn’t feel like I had used 500 before running out.

    All in all it was a shambles.

    • ScareAddicts

      August 11, 2017 at 1:12 pm

      You know, we did wonder about the reloads… Each magazine having 150 rounds makes sense when you consider that the £30 ticket got you 150.

      We didn’t check this ourselves but it did cross our minds that there should have been at least another checkpoint – Walking Dead had two or three.

      We’re totally done with it – we don’t believe that the organisers care about offering a decent experience and there are PLENTY of events around that are passionate about what they do. Our main concern is that something like this might put people off similar (but much better) events.

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