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Our First Year

We’re a year old now!

Sunday marked a year that we’ve ‘officially’ been running. I think technically the site first started up last March but that was very much a ‘soft’ launch. We didn’t tell anyone what we were doing and didn’t really try and make anyone aware of the site because it had very little on it. And we were super paranoid about being one of those sites that posts like five articles and then disappears into the ether.

So we held off for a few months, gathering posts and slowly building up a catalogue of content. And then, on August 27, we brought the thing to life. So that’s the date that we count and go by.

And to commemorate this, new site!

We’re pretty pleased that we managed to keep it going this long! I think once we were about four months in, we knew it was going to stick. A lot has happened in the year, if you go back to our first reviews, you can see how our style has evolved over time. A quick aside if anyone’s wondering, only one person has ever written the reviews on this site so any inconsistency in style is down to this evolution. The layout of the site subtly evolved too with us organising info on the site a bit better as we stacked up more archive content. And we’re still playing with all these things, so I fully expect that in another year there will be more changes.

And some of these things don’t work. We axed the Monthly Roundup posts because literally nobody was reading them, they managed about two or three hits every month. It was our idea of bringing all the content from the month back up to the top of the site for people that may have missed it. But they just weren’t popular and we can focus that time elsewhere so best to kill it off than continue with something that wasn’t appealing.

We’ve also missed our target of one post a week a couple of times now which really disappoints us!

Which brings us to our next point, our goals over the next year…

We’re happy with what we’ve achieved in the last twelve months but now is definitely the time to push things forward a bit, we very much see last year as the warm up!

First thing is that we absolutely can’t slack on the weekly post thing, that has to be consistent for us. To that end, we’ve devised a plan of attack covering all sorts of things all the way down to improving the workflow of posting stuff – we’ve had a look at all the unnecessary admin that we used to do on the site and have managed to cut it down considerably. The previous set up wasn’t conducive to creating and posting articles from mobile but we’ve changed that so that we can produce content without being tethered to a computer.

Earlier in the year we introduced strands of additional content such as the Virtual Scares and Fright Flicks series. Initially, we stated that they’d be monthly posts to plug gaps between reviews. And then a couple of months later, we realised that we weren’t quite monthly with them, only turning our attention to them when there wasn’t anything else to post. We backtracked a little and said that they’d be an occasional series when there were lulls. We’re going to backtrack again and say that they need to be monthly. It just doesn’t look great to us when there’s three month plus gaps between posts. They will go back to being monthly now, regardless of what’s going on with the exception of Halloween when the Virtual Scares post might be a bit difficult to coordinate.

One other thing that we want to focus on over the next year is the quality of the photos on the site. We know we can do better here! And talking about media, we’re half half on video content. We definitely want to add more of it but as long as events don’t allow us to record inside, we don’t see what we can really do in that department. We’re absolutely not camera personalities, no-one will be interested in hearing us chat about things so we’ll refrain from vlogging although we watch quite a few and enjoy them!

We have a few other plans but this post is dragging on now so we’ll bring it to a close here.

Here’s to the next twelve months!!

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