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News: Spookers European Premiere is an Immersive Event

Sheffield Doc Fest to host an immersive cinema event with scare elements!

Screening on the 10th June, Spookers is playing as part of Sheffield Doc Fest and, in a brilliant twist of inspiration, it will be augmented with love action elements.

Spookers is a documentary focused on what is considered to be New Zealand’s most successful scream park and the people that run it. Since we started running the Fright Flicks posts, we’ve seen quite a few documentaries and they’re always a fun peek behind the curtain. The addition of live action elements, provided by AtmosFEAR! Scare Entertainment (Scare Kingdom, Screamland) makes this a must-attend!

More info is available here: – note that although there are three screenings, only the Saturday night one has the additional material.

Having a look through the site, DOOM ROOM also intrigues us! It may not strictly be a scare event but the imagery is definitely enticing!

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