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News: Fraternity – Second Degree Announced

Our biggest regret recently was missing the first incarnation of Fraternity, especially after the glowing reviews that followed (here and here for starters). This was compounded when we learned of the ARG (Alternate Reality Game) that was running in the months prior to the event. We’ve been fascinated by the idea of an event using an ARG to extend and enhance the experience ever since we heard about The Tension Experience. Tension was an event that took place in LA last year but had a huge ARG building up to the actual show. They released a book detailing some of the stuff that went on and, naturally, we had to buy it!

What appeals to us about using ARGs is that our attraction to scare events is down to a love of horror and the feeling of being immersed in these worlds that only used to exist within our TV screens. With ARG, that feeling is multiplied a million times over because the event isn’t limited to a thirty-minute experience at a fixed location, it’s something that is living and breathing the entire time with situations such as characters contacting you months ahead of the actual show, delivering a backstory that you might not get otherwise.

And so, we’re dead excited that the ARG is returning as part of the second staging of Fraternity – this could be really fun! Not much has been revealed yet but give their Facebook page a follow to get the latest! You can find them here:

Source: Facebook

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