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Monthly Roundup – May 2017

What happened last month and what’s on the to-do list this month!

This Month

Wow, so last month we lamented the fact that barely anything went on and it feels like May was worse!! Luckily, that isn’t entirely true as a few things popped up right at the end of the month, we just never managed to post the reviews in time!

So, what did we do? The highlight of May also happens to be the only thing we actually managed to review (but it’d still rank high if it weren’t) – Hide and Shriek’s The Seance. This is such a cool little attraction and unique for the fact that it’s essentially a permanent attraction (or at the very least, long term) run by an independent company out of a shopping centre in Southend. If you’re anywhere near it, just go! Honest, we were so taken aback by what the guys have managed to pull off and the attention to detail is outstanding. Check out our full review here:

Next Month

There’s a whole bunch of things – we already have four reviews that we need to post, the first one will go up tonight.

Then we’re off to the immersive screening of Spookers on Saturday at Sheffield Doc Fest – we’re pretty excited about this one as, being based in London, we don’t get to experience half of what AtmosFEAR! put on in the year – we’re lucky enough to be able to attend this one. It’s also a nice crossover with the Fright Flicks posts that we now run…

The weekend following, we’re in Paris for a couple of days where top of the list is their permanent attraction, Manoir de Paris. We have plans for a few other places including somewhere that’ll expand the coverage of this site in a natural way – it’s something we’ve been thinking about for a while now and we’re going to kick it off next month!

Then, we potentially have ScareCON – being honest, we’re in two minds about this one right now. We had a few issues with it last year and we’re not quite sure what benefit we’ll get from attending as we’re not really industry as such. But we’re on the fence – if anyone can offering a convincing case, give us a shout! Here’s what we thought last year:

And Halloween planning is well underway! We’ve pretty much locked in our UK tour – we’ll finally be visiting places up north like Scare Kingdom and Farmageddon!

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