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Monthly Roundup – March 2017

What happened last month and what’s on the to-do list this month!

This Month

We started this month by visiting >taur_ which we enjoyed but, as it was opening night, there were a few teething issues that reared their heads. The concept behind this was really neat and we’d love to see it return and experience it in the way that it was intended.

Then we went over to New York and checked out a few things over there.

We had Ghostbusters Dimension first on our list. It’s a wireless VR attraction that has you exploring a haunted apartment building. You can move from room to room and there are objects in the VR world that are also physically present. Opening doors sounds like such a boring action but it’s an amazing experience to actually push a door open and see it open in VR, it aids in the immersion immeasurably!

In the same location, we also passed through the Ghostbusters Experience. This was an area themed to the 2016 version of Ghostbusters with lots of triggered effects to create the illusion of entering a haunted house. It was a cool little attraction for what it was!

The last thing that we did in New York was the Resident Evil Escape Experience. After being through the brilliant London version, we were intrigued to see what this had to offer. It was good to see that it wasn’t a replication of that event and was instead way more of a traditional style escape room. In many ways, this felt as true to the games as the London event did but for different reasons.

Then, back in London, we attended The Harrowing. This was a piece of immersive theatre centred around a seance and, unfortunately, we weren’t very impressed. Our main issue being that it just felt very underdeveloped.

As far as the site goes, we’ve always said that we wanted to get a post up weekly and we didn’t do that the week before last – reason being that we diverted the time instead into bringing our events page to life. We’re really happy with this now – if you click into an event, you can even drop your postcode in to map a route there using your preferred mode of transport! It’s really cool and something that we’re going to develop further next month, there’s one additional feature that we’d like to apply.

There’s still lots of things I personally want to see fixed on this site but we’ll do it in stages rather than all at once. Our next major change is just about to be implemented and its pretty key – you’ll see it shortly! But yeah, expect the site to slowly morph as we work through our list. We’ll even eventually get to the logo!

One thing this does mean is that those additional content pieces like Fright Flicks and Virtual Scares will play second fiddle to those bigger tweaks. So they may not be monthly like I’m sure we’ve previously mentioned. The next post for each is done – all the Virtual Scares videos for that post are sat on YouTube already, waiting to be published! So it’s all there but as we mentioned before, our goal with that material is to fill the lulls so we’re not going to post them when we have actual reviews etc. to be publishing. But at least we’re covered for whenever we do the next big update to the site!

Next Month

There isn’t much on our radar at the moment apart from London Tombs’ Easter event, Leporiphobia. Thinking of which, we do need to do a ‘vanilla’ run of their attraction as we’ve only ever been at Halloween! Another one to stick on our list!

And we’re going to try and start doing some escape rooms again although finding horror-centric ones around us is becoming difficult so we have to set our sights further afield…

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