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Monthly Roundup – April 2017

What happened last month and what’s on the to-do list this month!

This Month

We only added two reviews to the site this month although there have been more events on such as Scare Kingdom’s Walpurgis Night – we just can’t justify the expense of travelling that far for a single event at the moment. More and more it feels like we need to invest a car!!

The main thing that we attended this month was Leporiphobia at London Tombs and, sadly, we weren’t impressed… Compared to previous Phobophobia events, this one felt really tame and large batching destroyed any fun that there could’ve been. Our full review’s here:

And then we played Butcher’s Lair at Breakin’ Escape Rooms. This was a fun enough game but didn’t really do anything to distinguish it from the countless other serial killer themed rooms that are out there. It’s still a really good room though, we just think that the more experience you have with other rooms of its ilk, the less exciting you’ll find it. Check out our review here:

Site-wise, as ever, there’s changes happening… Firstly, we put out our next Virtual Scares and Fright Flicks post at last! I think we mentioned last time that these were supposed to be monthly, they’re now going to be as and when.

On the Virtual Scares side, we covered DYING:Reborn VR – a horror escape game on PSVR. It’s a decent enough time but the VR version is only half the game which is a bit unfortunate – read about it here:

And then for Fright Flicks we watched Hell House LLC which was a surprisingly good found footage horror movie set in a scare attraction. We really enjoyed this one and would definitely recommend seeking it out:

As you may have noticed, our posting schedule at the moment is once a week, every Sunday. We’re toying with the idea of expanding this to twice a week with Wednesday’s posts being blog type posts. We have a bunch of ideas for these and dropped our first one two weeks back (we haven’t fully committed to the weekly posting yet as we probably need to get about 3/4 posts ahead first to allow for buffer):

And we’ve also started running news items on the front page, we’re still casing this out as we’re not sure we want to flood the site with announcements of tickets going on sale for pre-existing events – so we’re slowly taking the view that it’s only news if it’s announcing something ‘new’. But it’s a work in progress – we’ll just keep an eye on page views and determine what’s more popular and focus on that.

Next Month

Hide and Shriek are running Seance this month so we’re looking at that.

We also know what our 50th review should be, we’ve got a plan in place for celebrating that so hopefully it comes together the way we think it will!

Not necessarily happening in the next month but Halloween planning has begun. We roughly know the route we’re taking in October and where we’re visiting, just finessing the details as events start publishing their opening dates.

And we’re starting to look into replacing the logo for the site, we’d like to have something a bit more intricate. That won’t be show up this month though, just something that’s in the planning now…

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