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Mindquest Live: The Haunting – The Secret of the Mansion – Review

We didn’t want to go back to the UK without trying a US escape room so we had a look around and when we saw that Mindquest had a ‘haunted’ room we knew we had to go!

We started the room with one objective, to determine whether the room was haunted or not. About five minutes into the game, we got our answer. It’s probably not much of a spoiler to say that the room was indeed inhabited by a spirit and it was now our mission to determine the ‘why’ and maybe put the tormented soul at rest.

Rather than escaping the room, the objective here was to unravel the story and so we spent the next hour investigating the history of the mansion.


First off, rather than a series of unconnected puzzles, everything in this game built up the story and the solutions to puzzles provided clues to the bigger question of why the place was haunted. The story definitely came first here which made the game extremely rewarding in the final moments when the answers presented themselves (plot twist included!).

The other stand out feature of this room was the use of technology and ‘activated’ events – to not say too much, elements of the room were manipulated by the ghost as you progressed.

Oh, and they threw in one great jump scare that caught one of us completely off guard!


There was one mechanical puzzle that felt like it could be needlessly time consuming, we’re not fans of puzzles where you know the solution but are held back or slowed down by physical elements. We also noticed with this puzzle that it could actually be solved without having the solution, something that shouldn’t really happen!

And there was also one section of the game that required a bit of a leap as far as searching goes. Our only advice is to check every item thoroughly as certain things could very easily be missed.

Final Thoughts:

This was a great game where the focus was on the entire experience rather than just being a race to tear through a stream of padlocks. The care in delivering a full and complete story is enough on its own to make this game a winner for us, never mind the fact that the rest of the game holds up!

Rating: **** (Out of 5) – Recommend

Ticket Price: $26pp

Address: 9938 Universal Blvd. 112 Orlando, Florida 32819



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