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Ghostbusters Experience Review (2017) Madame Tussauds New York

Before we entered Ghostbusters Dimension, we first had to walk through the Ghostbusters Experience, check out our thoughts and watch our walkthrough video!

So we debated what to do with this one – we didn’t know if we should review it or just mention it elsewhere as it’s very, very loosely a scare attraction. But, if you pay attention towards the beginning of our video below, you’ll hear a kid whimper that they’re scared as we approach the train. That was half of our justification for posting this review. Second thing was that we heard that there have actually been actors in this thing at some point. Not sure if that was a one-off for the launch or some other event but we certainly didn’t encounter any actors. If we did, we would’ve posted this without any deliberation! The space could definitely work with lowered lights and a few actors thrown in. As it is, there’s a bunch of triggered effects that can mostly be witnessed in the video. The coolest of which is the ghost puking; when that happens, you’re sprayed with water to really sell the effect!

Anyways – watch our walkthrough video and meet us back here after for our thoughts!


This was a very elaborate setup, it’s not just a handful of wax models in a room but a full-scale recreation of most of the movie’s key moments. And it was full of little touches like the ghosts that were trapped inside the containment units. And those ringing phones? They could be answered! It evoked the movie very well, we appreciated that they used the actual score from the film for the Aldrige Manor section. This could have been a cheap, hastily knocked up job (see Tussauds’ new Kong experience for something that squanders its potential) but a lot of time and attention to detail has clearly gone into this for what it is.


Now, we definitely fall into the camp that like the 2016 version of the movie so have no issue with the attraction being centred around that film. However, we would’ve liked to have seen the experience take the same approach that Dimension did, blending the old with the new. Our reason for that is similar to our only peeve with the Resident Evil 7 London event – we’ve spent more time with the older movies so it would’ve meant more to us to see a Terror Dog or the Librarian Ghost alongside the 2016 material, they could’ve co-existed quite happily!

And, if what we heard was true, we would’ve loved to have seen this attraction running with actors in it. That would’ve been a lot of fun!! As it stands, there’s still a good jump or two for the uninitiated. But we also think expecting anything more than that is a bit silly considering the target market of the venue!

Ghostbusters Experience (2017) Madame Tussauds New York
  • Originality
  • Scare Factor
  • Staff
  • Execution
  • Value for Money


We thought this was very well executed and toed the line as best as it could as far as being scary goes - it's in an internationally known family tourist attraction after all! So, go in knowing that it won't change the world and you'll have a decent time walking through this one!

Ticket Price: $29 (included in entrance fee to Madame Tussauds)
Address: 234 W. 42nd Street New York, NY 10036

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