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Jurassic Park in Concert – Review

Scheduled as part of the Royal Albert Hall’s ‘Festival of Film’, ‘Jurassic Park in Concert’ was a screening of the classic film with the score played live on stage by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra.


Before the event had begun, we noticed nice little touches which helped to set the scene. Throughout the foyer a jungle atmosphere soundtrack played with the sounds becoming a bit more feisty in the five minutes leading up to the start of the show. There was also a Jurassic Park jeep parked outside the building (pictured below) although we’re not sure if that was part of the event or a hardcore fan’s mode of transportation! Because we did spot a fair few people that had show up in full costume, ranging from the more expected Alan Grant down to smaller parts like Robert Muldoon.

As for the event itself, the best way to put it is that it was genuinely like watching the movie for the first time again. It’s a hard thing to describe but there are so many layers in the composition that just get totally lost in the film’s mix of the score. More than a few scenes were completely transformed when the intricacies of the score were allowed the space to breathe.

And it probably doesn’t need to be said but on a technical level, it ran super smooth. The musicians were in perfect sync with the film and, at some points, it was extremely easy to forget that there was a full orchestra playing the music live!


The only issue that we had with the event was that we were distracted by the orchestra and conductor on a number of occasions. Not because they were doing anything wrong, it was just easy to let your eyes wander away from the screen and take in everything that the orchestra was doing. But I think anyone going to see Jurassic Park, given the age of it, would’ve seen it prior to the event so you could argue that paying some attention to the orchestra is part of the experience!

Final Thoughts:

If anything like this pops up again and they cover a film you love, don’t hesitate! It really did breathe new life into a film I’ve seen billions of times before (even in a zoo once!).

And for anyone questioning us putting this on a scare site, we got our justification when the raptor appears behind Ellie in the maintenance shed towards the end of the film – the couple in front of us literally leapt up about a foot out of their seats!

Rating: ***** (Out of 5) – Must Go!

Ticket Price: £58

Address: Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AP



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