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Monthly Roundup – January 2017

Our brief look back on what we got up to in January and what we have planned for February!

This Month

As far as events go, we managed to visit just two this month.

Our first review of the year was for the London production of The Woman in Black. We found it enjoyable enough but the hyperbolic reviews on their website had us expecting something more than mild chills! You can read our review here:

And then, at the end of the month, we were two of the lucky few to go through the Resident Evil London Experience. This was a near-flawless 45 mins of immersive theatre crossed with escape game puzzles. We can’t speak highly enough of this event and, most of all, it was totally free! Sadly, it only ran for four days… The bar has been set stupidly high for 2017! Check out our lengthy review:

On the website front, we have a lot of plans for keeping the site active when events to attend are scarce. We published our first piece of original content for 2017 this month, a backstage look at two of the scare mazes at Thorpe Park’s Fright Nights. You can read that here: We have another Fright Nights piece to publish and one from Halloween Horror Nights Orlando. These will go up when we’re not posting reviews.

The basic idea is that we’ll post a new piece of content every week. This might be a review, a behind the scenes piece or some other original content – we have plans that see us through the entire year so the site will never be stale! That said, we will always prioritise the reviews – the original content is just an extra to plug any gaps!

And we also added an events page – for anyone running an event, get in touch and we’ll get it added here:

Next Month

We have a few things lined up for February. Our first event of the month (so far) will be Hide and Shriek’s Delectably Dead. We’ve attended most of their events and each one has been better than the last! You can get more info on that event here:

We’re also massive film fans but have pledged to not cover movies on this site as there are many other (better!) sites for that sort of coverage. Our exception will be events, along the lines of Secret Cinema’s 28 Days Later and the Ghostbusters Slime-Along or more traditional film festivals. Anything that’s sufficiently different to a casual trip to the cinema, we’ll pick up. This month, we make our annual pilgrimage to Glasgow for FrightFest’s Glasgow Film Festival strand, we’re most looking forward to seeing the new Godzilla there!

And whilst we’re up in Glasgow, we’ll be popping in to check out Dread Glasgow. We know next to nothing about this attraction other than the fact that it’s a permanent show (although the theme will refresh every few months) and that it features zombies! If you’re as intrigued as us, here’s their site:

And that covers it for now – you never know what might pop up in the next four weeks, much like the Resident Evil event that appeared out of nowhere!

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