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Introducing Virtual Scares

We’re bringing a new monthly post to Scare Addicts – find out about it here!

One of the problems with covering events is that, inevitably, there are times when nothing is taking place. Horror-themed escape games are a good way for us to fill in some of those gaps but there’s still a finite number of places out there; especially given that most horror-centric rooms share similar themes.

So, in between events, we thought we’d explore another form of immersive scare entertainment – video games. We’re not going to cover video games in any big way as we still want Scare Addicts to focus on live experiences. For that reason, we’re filing these posts under the ‘Blog’ section of the website, keeping them separate from the event reviews. Virtual Scares will be a monthly piece and our intent will be to cover games in virtual reality – basically, those games that come closest to replicating the feel of a live scare attraction.

We’ve recently invested in a PS4 Pro and PSVR unit so that’s what we’ll be covering. Looking into it, it seems like it’s possible to hook the PSVR up to PC to run Steam VR games so that might be a potential further down the line – if our simple minds can manage it! But yeah, there’s quite a few PSVR horror games out there already so we’ve got enough to be getting on with!

And, we’re recording all these playthroughs; providing video footage hopefully gives a better context to our write-ups! Just be warned that these are full gameplay videos so there’s obviously going to be spoilers! The YouTube playlist is here:

As ever, we’re open to suggestions/requests if you’d like to see us feature something specifically – let us know via our Contact page:

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