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Fright Night Club Announced

A new Halloween event is coming to London

Fright Night Club, a new London-based event is coming this Halloween. This one sounds a bit unique as it originates from two people with backgrounds in the film industry, Daniel Martin and Jen Handorf.

Fright Night Club Presentation

Daniel Martin (middle) and Jen Handorf (right) announce Fright Night Club, assisted by a few props!

Similar to Deathcell, the team have turned to Kickstarter, pre-selling tickets at a discounted level. Further details about the show will be revealed the closer we get to October but it’s being billed as an immersive theatre/haunted house hybrid taking place at a currently secret location in Bermondsey.

The appeal for us here is that it has a certain pedigree behind it – we’re massive horror movie fans first and foremost (hence how we first learned of this event!) and we reckon these guys could bring something new to the scene. Check out the Kickstarter and buy some discounted tickets if you think it sounds as cool we think it does!!

Full release follows:

This October is the inaugural chapter of FRIGHT NIGHT CLUB, an immersive horror experience from the minds of special effects artist Daniel Martin (Sightseers, Human Centipede 2, High Rise) and film producer Jen Handorf (Prevenge, The Borderlands, Devil’s Business). 

We’ve dreamed of hosting a scare event for years, but we wanted to do something that would really get under your skin- something more spectacular than the old British standard of a traveling ghost train.

FRIGHT NIGHT CLUB offers just that- an invitation to be unnerved. When you enter the Club, you will find yourself immersed in a fully explorable world littered with dark secrets. Sit back and enjoy a drink or take advantage of the time to investigate some of the Club’s mysteries. Once the show begins, you will have to find your way along a twisted, adrenaline fueled path through the Club’s hidden depths. If you survive to the end, you may find yourself in need of a drink to settle your nerves. Fear not- like any good world ours comes with a bar for you to relax and reflect on what you’ve just seen.

It will be an 18+ event – we wouldn’t want to scar a child for life, would we?


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