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Five Movies That We’d Like To See As Scare Mazes

As Thorpe announced their new Fright Nights IP today, here’s our ‘most-wanted’ list!

With Thorpe Park’s announcement that The Walking Dead will be coming to Fright Nights this year, we’ve given some thought to movies that we’d like to see brought to life at a scare event. And yes, we know that pretty much all of these are unmarketable but that’s the fun of it! And apologies in advance but we’re going to assume some familiarity with the movies!


Of our five, this one seems the most likely to actually happen, especially given the Pinhead Experience that popped up at Mad Monster Party in Arizona earlier this year. There has been talk of repeating that installation elsewhere so we could end up getting pretty close to this one!

The key thing with creating a Hellraiser attraction would be staying true to the source material. Hellraiser only became slasher-lite with the third film. The first two movies are more about mood than shocks and gore. And this is what we’re more interested in seeing rather than being chased down corridors by cenobites. There’s still moments that could play – the Engineer chase in part two comes to mind. The second film is where we’d like to see the majority of the material taken from. A maze that follows Dr Channard’s journey through the film would be the best way to play it. It could begin with Julia’s rebirth and then follow the characters into the labyrinth. Just stay away from anything after the second flick!

Day of the Dead

We could be wrong but we can’t recall if any movie from Romero’s Dead series has been licensed for an attraction. For sure there are a few events that are Dawn of the Dead in all but name but nothing that’s directly tied into that franchise.

If we had the choice, we’d go with Day of the Dead – it’s by far our favourite film of the six and there’s one particular moment that we reckon would translate fantastically into a haunt. It’s the part towards the end of the movie where two characters are forced out of the safe area and into the zombie-infested mines. The haunt could begin with guests being exiled and trying to find their way back to safety, only to discover that by the time they reach the sanctuary of the base, it has been overrun.

Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight

Another film that we reckon is perfectly suited to a haunt. A hotel in the middle of nowhere that falls under siege from a horde of demons. It’d be nice to see full body creature suits more than we do in haunts and the designs of the demons in this movie are pretty neat! And, not that we have to here, but thinking economically, a hotel set isn’t the most elaborate so should be a pretty simple property to turn into a haunt. Other than the demon suits of course! But yeah, the movie’s pure fun. There’s a light plot running throughout but this is a haunt where I think you’d just want to be throwing demons at people from all angles for the duration. It’d make a change from something attempting to be atmospheric!


Another film on this list that features Billy Zane! This could be a fun haunt to span all four movies as the locations are reasonably varied. And there’s a lot that you can play with here. The critter puppets/animatronics would obviously be the stars of the haunt. One of the things that they do is fire venomous needles from their backs, this could be simulated brilliantly with air cannons. There’s also a few key moments from the series that would mix it up a bit. Part one has a human-sized critter show up towards the end and in part two, a whole mess of critters combine to create a massive rolling ball of teeth. It’d be a cool moment to have that barrelling towards you! There’s also some fun scare opportunities such as the Easter Bunny victim from the second movie when he suddenly crashes through the window.


And for something a bit more modern – Rob Zombie’s 31. It’s basically custom made for a haunt with its ‘level’ system. Characters have to defeat a ‘boss’ to move onto the next stage. This would make it straightforward to design, each new area would belong to one of the ‘Heads’. With each of these antagonists having a distinct look and personality, every room would feel different to the last. Alongside this, the costume and set design is so garish and ‘out there’ that it’d make for a memorable time.

And one that’ll never work – Bait 3D! Yeah, putting that amount of water into a haunt would undoubtedly be dangerous as well as the expensive of the animatronic sharks to put in it but still, watch the trailer and tell me that wouldn’t be cool as!

Are there any films that you think would make great mazes? Let us know in the comments below!

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