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Monthly Roundup – February 2017

What happened last month and what’s on the to-do list this month!

This Month

On the reviews front, this month went a bit wrong! We’re most disappointed that we missed out on visiting Dread Glasgow – we actually had tickets booked but then our journey got cancelled thanks to that hurricane! Weather and other such delays seem to curse us – we very nearly never made it to Orlando in October, we were the first flight to resume after the hurricane Matthew fiasco! And then travel issues later in the month screwed up our plans for a mini Welsh attractions tour! We hope to get back up there to see Dread but, being honest, we can’t see that happening anytime soon unless something else happens there to make such a trip worthwhile.

So we ended up posting just the one review in February, pretty poor result and something we’ll try to not repeat! Jumping on a train over to Southend, we checked out Hide and Shriek’s latest offering, Delectably Dead. We enjoyed ourselves there but it was suffering from a few issues that kept it from being a clear recommend. Read our full thoughts: You’ll notice that we’ve added a more thorough scoring key now – we realised when discussing this event afterwards that a middling rating would potentially obscure the things that really worked and so added a comprehensive scoring scheme. We’re quite pleased with this, it adds a level of transparency to the reviews in a succinct fashion. Let us know if you think we could add any further categories!

So, whilst we came up a bit short on the reviews front this month, we started pushing out our original content. This is a way for us to keep the site active when we hit those quiet patches.

Virtual Scares is intended to cover home entertainment that best replicates the scare attraction experience. For this series, we’ve honed in on PSVR games and our next game is one that’s very true to that concept – this is one that we could actually see existing in the real world! Our first post is here:

And there is the Fright Flicks series which covers scare attractions in movies. We have some really fun posts coming up for this, it surprised us how many films actually deal with scare attractions in one way or another. Our first post was a documentary looking at Christian ‘Hell Houses’ – it was quite an eye opener! Read about that here:

Next Month

Okay, so if no disasters occur, we’re off to New York this week where we’re going to visit Ghostbusters: Dimension – a VR Ghostbusters experience using The Void, we’re really excited about this one! We were also lucky enough to be in New York for the limited run of the Resident Evil escape experience – tickets are also booked for that and we’re so intrigued to see how it stacks up against the London event that we went through in January. We hear that this is more of a straightforward escape room.

And then, when we’re back in the UK, we’ll be visiting The Harrowing – we’re getting 139 Copeland Road vibes from this event and if it’s anywhere close to that, it should be an awesome time!

On top of that, we’re actually posting a review today! We attended >taur_ at the VAULT Festival so look for that imminently! Makes us level with our February output already!!

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