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Faceless Ventures Announce Unwrapped

Another week, another event announcement from Faceless Ventures!

Even though it seems like it was yesterday that tickets went on sale for Faceless Ventures’ next show, Intérieur, they’ve gone and announced their latest event, Unwrapped!

Taking place on the 8th December at Mexborough Business Centre, the team are releasing no details of this thing before it takes place. For us, that just makes it an even more enticing prospect!

Everything that they’ve announced follows and, in the scenario that further info does trickle out, follow their Facebook and/or Twitter account as well as checking out their website here.

And, if this all sounds intriguing to you, tickets can be purchased here.

Xmas is a time for giving. On the 8th December, for one night only, Faceless Ventures X will be producing gifts to be unwrapped. 

The show will be a 45 minute sequence of chaos, just to say thank you. 

“Unwrapped 18” will be the first year of this annual event. 

No details will be released prior to the show. This is for you to Unwrap.

Tickets are very limited.

AR (aggressive rating)- 5.


Source: Facebook

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