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Faceless Ventures announce new show, Hurting

Faceless Ventures have announced their latest event, Hurting.

In our 2017 wrap up, we noted that the smaller independents were the ones to watch as it was clear to us that true innovation was coming from them. Which brings us to the announcement of Faceless Ventures’ new show, Hurting. The show is a collaboration with Haunting – a really cool US website that we’ve been poring over a lot recently, seeking ideas for what we should check out when we’re in LA this October.

There’s little information available right now apart from the fact that the narrative centers around a card game and that the game taking place in the UK will occur simultaneously with one, presumably, in the US. It sounds brave and bold and it’s exactly why indies should be supported – you won’t see these fresh concepts being introduced at bigger budgeted events.

And, for further incentive – we’ve attended two of Faceless Ventures’ previous shows, Diary of a Deceased and Is There Anybody There? and enjoyed both of them so we’re pretty confident that this will be something worthwhile!

Tickets go on sale Monday which is when we assume a tiny bit more info will be released. The remaining details (with some parts frustratingly redacted!) follow:

Source:¬†Faceless Ventures’ Facebook Page

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