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Trinity Paranormal Team: The Village (29th April 2017, Nottinghamshire)

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Trinity Paranormal Team are holding a number of paranormal investigation events in 2017 across the Merseyside & Southport area. The Village is one of the venues hosting these events.


Located in the heart of town centre of Mansfield in Nottinghamshire lies The Village. This graded building once functioned as a Malt house for the village during the 1800’s. The former owner Mr Merryweather owned the property up until his death in 1835. In the 1980’s the property was converted into a night club up until 2001. Over a decade later The Village got a new lease of life by being turned into a laser tag facility in 2013. Since then evidence of paranormal activity has been reported by various groups and members of the public. With evidence being captured of ghostly sighting, this location is sure not to disappoint.


The Village has many reports of ghostly happenings, from full apparitions to the sound of footsteps and voices and children’s laughter being heard.

During the time that this location was due to reopen, volunteers working within the building saw an apparition of the former owner Mr Merrywhether who had owned the property up until his death in 1835. When the volunteers check CCTV footage there was no sign of anyone within the building at the time of the sighting.

The spirit of Catherine has been known to roam the halls of the building. Catherine is thought to have been murdered in the village. It is said that Catherine’s child was also murdered. With reports of a baby crying being reported, could this be Catherine’s child.

Your Night

During your evening at The Village you will have the chance to participate in various activities. These include:


Glass Divination

Table Tipping

Human Pendulums

Lone Vigils

You will also have access to all our equipment to aid you throughout the night.

What You Need

On the night, you will be required to bring some items along with you:


Warm Clothing (the building has no heating and can be extremely cold in some places.

Sensible footwear

Drinks (hot and cold beverages will be available on the night but feel free to bring your own)

Your own equipment (if you have your own equipment that you want to bring with you then please feel free too)


Date: 29th April 2017

Price: £29

Address: The Village, Midworth Street, Mansfield NG18 1AT

For bookings, visit:


And for more information on Trinity Paranormal Team, you can find them at the following links:


Facebook: TrinityparanormalteamTPT

Twitter: TrinityTPT



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