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Trinity Paranormal Team: Newsham Park Hospital (22nd July 2017, Merseyside)

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Trinity Paranormal Team are holding a number of paranormal investigation events in 2017 across the Merseyside & Southport area. Newsham Park Hospital is one of the venues hosting these events.


In 1874 the Royal Seamans Orphanage opened it’s doors to the orphans of British Seamen. Over the years hundreds of children would pass through the front doors of the orphanage into the cruel and harsh care of the staff.

Situated on the very top floor of the hospital is the Naughty Boys Corridor. The corridor is lined with cupboards which were used as a punishment for the naughty boys. The boys would be sent to the cupboard to spend the night. During one punishment a little boy was screaming after being locked in one of the cupboards. When all fell silent the staff had thought the boy had fallen asleep, but the next morning they returned to found the boy had died the previous night. This little boy is said to haunt the corridor and his apparition has been seen walking the corridor.

The school house, which is based in the courtyard had educated the orphans over the years. It has been reported that during a seance a boy was visible behind one of the guest and proceeded to hiss at him. Dark figures have also been seen in the little office of on of the classrooom and the chalkboards have been moved all on their own.

In 1951 the orphanage closed it’s doors in order to become Newsham Park Hospital. The hospitals main intake of patients where those with mental health issues with the likes of Ian Brady, as well as a rest home later on in the hospitals life.

The stairs leading upto the different floors are fitted with ‘anti-suicide’ railings to prevent patients from throwing themselves off of the stairs to certain death. Each stair case leads to an endless amount of corridors with rooms situated in all corners of the hospital. A nurse, who is beleived to have been able to see spirits was found dead one night on the stair case. It is unknown to how she passed but we are hoping to connect with her to find out.

In 1992, with the closure of Rainhill Mental Asylum , Newsham housed its own patients as well as those transfered from Rainhill, the hospital was filled to 90% capacity, all with mental health issues.

In 1997, the hospital closed and all patients were transfered to other facilities.

Your Night

During your evening at Newsham Park Hospital you will have the chance to participate in various activities. These include:


Glass Divination

Table Tipping

Human Pendulums

Lone Vigils

You will also have access to all our equipment to aid you throughout the night.

What You Need

On the night, you will be required to bring some items along with you:


Warm Clothing (the building has no heating and can be extremely cold in some places.

Sensible footwear

Drinks (hot and cold beverages will be available on the night but feel free to bring your own)

Your own equipment (if you have your own equipment that you want to bring with you then please feel free too)


Date: 22nd July June 2017

Price: £55

Address: Orphan Drive, Tuebrook, Liverpool, L6 7UN

For bookings, visit:


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Facebook: TrinityparanormalteamTPT

Twitter: TrinityTPT



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