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Ghostbusters Slime-Along Review (2016) Empire Live

Held as part of the Empire Live weekend, the Ghostbusters Slime-Along was a screening of the original Ghostbusters movie augmented with slime, lots and lots of slime!

Held as part of the Empire Live weekend, the Ghostbusters Slime-Along was a screening of the original Ghostbusters movie augmented with slime, lots and lots of slime!


The film itself needs little introduction; if you’re not familiar with it, check it out ASAP! The only comment to make on the film is that playing in a cinema brought out some of the subtleties in the score that I’d never really noticed despite having seen the movie plenty of times!

But we’re here to talk about the event rather than the film and on that front they delivered!

Before going into the screening there was a bit of a question mark as to how messy this event could actually get. After all, if you think back to the film, Venkman’s encounter with Slimer and the destruction of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man at the end are really the only two moments where characters get ‘slimed’. Waiting to get into the cinema we were directed to a box full of overalls and instructed to wear a pair. We were also notified that we’d find shoe covers and goggles on our seats once we got inside. We then began to wonder just what we’d gotten ourselves into given how seriously the organisers were taking it! This was solidified when entering the cinema – every single seat was covered in plastic and there were two big cannons directed at the centre of the room. Maybe this was going to be a bit more intense than we’d anticipated!

After a little introduction by some actors playing Ghostbusters, the film began and it didn’t take long for the foam and slime to start flying. They’d chosen to douse the audience whenever slime simply appeared on the screen or when the Ghostbusters fired up their proton packs. It meant that there was a reason to send slime arcing into the air at regular intervals – no more than five mins passed without something being fired into the crowd. They achieved this via the ‘Ghostbusters’ shooting what were essentially water guns from the aisles. It really didn’t disappoint in that sense, it was way more interactive than was expected although they definitely went into overdrive at the two previously mentioned scenes! By the end, we were all completely covered and the overalls did little to shield us from the onslaught! And the goggles ended up being necessary as about halfway through, I got blasted in the face but chose not to wipe the slime off lenses – thought it added to the experience!


We expected to say here that they didn’t live up to the promise but it’s the opposite – it was way more lively than we thought so it fully delivered on that end! If we had to pick out one thing (and this is being super picky), we’d say that not supplying gloves after providing overalls, goggles and shoe covers was a strange omission considering that once the film ended, we didn’t know what to do with our hands as they were totally covered in goop! But that’s something we could’ve thought about ourselves – we didn’t think we’d be given anything at all!

Ghostbusters Slime-Along Review (2016) Empire Live


We can't wait to do something like this again. We’re not sure how many films lend themselves to this style of event but we’d happily see the sequel (which, whilst not as good as the first movie, is definitely more slime drenched!) or even the surprisingly decent remake as a Slime Along! If anything like this pops up in the future, be sure to check it out, you won't regret it!

Ticket Price: £12.50
Address: The O2, Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX

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