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London event Deathcell currently crowdfunding

An intriguing new London-based event is currently crowdfunding!

We caught wind of this cool-looking show and had to share it! It’s a 30-min piece of immersive theatre coming to London later this year and the company are currently seeking funding to bring the event to life.

Per the Kickstarter page, Deathcell is an “Approx. 30 minute live-action experience in the heart of London, combining immersive theatre where the guest truly decides their own fate, mixed with a classic intense ‘horror maze’ experience that is not for the faint-hearted. Those curious enough to undertake Deathcell will be pushed to their limits, forced to make unprecedented choices that will affect everyone in the experience. Betrayal, deceit and impossible decisions lay ahead for those who enter. Will you do what it takes to escape?

Whilst there are no guarantees in the world of crowdfunding, these guys look like the real deal to us. For starters, they’re using Kickstarter which is an all or nothing platform and their page looks well designed and thought out. As we mentioned in our 2017 wrap-up, we think the most interesting things are coming from the independents so it’s worth at least following this project we reckon!

Check out the full details here:

Source: Kickstarter

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