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Contained Liverpool Announce Snatched

Contained Liverpool announce Snatched

Now, this one’s quite exciting! We visited Contained Liverpool for their Halloween event and had a great time with it as you can see in our review here. The news that they’re opening up a horror-themed escape room with a live actor is very promising!

A couple of takeaways that we had from their Halloween event was that there was great attention to detail and the performances were uniformly fantastic. Two attributes that will surely serve them well with ‘Snatched’, their live-action escape room.

Add to that, we noted that the escape room elements featuring at Halloween were the best that we’d seen of their type so, again, something that bodes well for this next endeavour!

Based on everything we saw from them in September, this one should be worth paying attention to!

Their full announcement follows:

Contained Liverpool Snatched Escape Room

Who doesn’t love escape rooms?

Contained Liverpool is proud to announce our latest Horror experience: SNATCHED

This brand new, live actor horror experience will immerse you into an escape room adventure like no other!

Will you beat the clock & make it out alive?

60 minutes – Pure Fear – One Way Out

More details coming very soon…

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