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Contagion Review (2016) Escape Blackpool

We’ve caught the deadly CYE virus and have an hour to create the vaccine before our lab is destroyed!

We’ve caught the deadly CYE virus and have an hour to create the vaccine before our lab is destroyed as a precautionary measure along with any hope of a cure for contagion threatening the wider populace!


Now, this room wasn’t the best-themed room that we’ve stepped into but, considering that we were in a lab, it was suitably stark with enough science-looking things lying around to give us a sense that we could actually be standing in a laboratory. So the setting worked for us but what stood out in this room was the ingenuity of the puzzles and how to solve them. There were two pieces of tech that we had to use in particular that really wowed, didn’t expect to see them in the room and they helped lend the feeling of being in a proper lab. There was also another puzzle involving water that had a very simple but unique solution to it. A lot of thought had gone into the design of this room and we actually started believing that we were scientists!

On a few occasions we required clues for certain puzzles but upon figuring them out, there wasn’t that feeling that we would never have solved them – they all made sense and were perfectly logical. One, in particular, made me feel really stupid for not putting it together myself! It’s a better place to be in than feeling totally hopeless in a room which has happened a handful of times.


If we’re being picky, we would’ve liked a bit more decoration in the room. A lab set sometimes feels like a cheat because of how sterile people expect them to be.

Final Thoughts:

This was a great room, with some unique puzzles that were perfectly pitched, making total sense within the parameters of the room. We’d definitely recommend this and now wish that we’d thought ahead and booked in for the other two rooms at Escape Blackpool!

Contagion (2016) Escape Blackpool


Ticket Price: £15 – £22pp (depending on group size)

Address: 300 Lytham Road FY1 6EY


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  1. Amanda

    October 22, 2016 at 4:00 pm

    My first experience of an Escape Room! I completely lucked in with this one 🙂 Some very well thought out clues and a couple of really clever uses of tech for the escapees – very entertaining and good enough to make me want to check out more Escape Rooms!!

    • ScareAddicts

      October 24, 2016 at 8:00 am

      Hey – yeah the tech they used in this room really wowed us! Not to spoil anything for anyone else reading this but we loved the way we had to find one of the last codes! If we’d planned a bit better we’d probably have gone back to try their other rooms but I’m sure we’ll head back up at some point now that another venue has opened in the area! The woman hosting our game was awesome too!

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