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Escape Rooms: Escape the Bunker (10 Cloverfield Lane Promo) – Review

This was a pop-up escape room to promote the home video release of 10 Cloverfield Lane, free of charge and open for one weekend only.


Considering that this had been designed and put up as a two day room; the theming and attention to detail were great. It starts in the room where Michelle wakes up in the movie, following the car crash. Our first task was to escape from this room and after a bit of searching we found our way out, crawling through a vent to reach the main area; the living room from the film. From there, we had several puzzles to solve in typical escape room fashion featuring elements from the film such as the air filtration system and acid drum.


Not a lot if we’re being honest. If we had paid a standard price for this experience, we would have been annoyed by the brevity of it – it probably took about 30 mins to escape from. The puzzles were also on the easier side of the scale but this was meant as a promotional experience and so I can see why the designers wouldn’t want to make it too alienating.

Final Thoughts:

We really enjoyed this, it genuinely felt like being in the movie and they did a good job of capturing the key elements from it. However, if it did reappear in a more permanent fashion, they would have to make the game a bit longer and tougher!

Rating: **** (Out of 5) – Recommend

Ticket Price: Free

Address: Bones & Pearl Studios, 60-68 Markfield Road, London, N15 4QA



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