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Disturbed Review (2016) Breakout Cardiff

As we were in Cardiff, we scouted the area for any horror themed or scary escape rooms and came across Disturbed at Breakout Cardiff!

*** Since we posted this review, Breakout Cardiff have informed us that amendments have been made to the game. If you’re considering playing ‘Disturbed’, you may not encounter the (few) issues that we had with the room. So it should be an even better experience! ***

The second part of our Cardiff ‘salvage’ trip; here we took on the ‘Disturbed’ room at Breakout Cardiff.

You enter the room as police officers, tracing your missing colleague to his last known location. Inside, you need to find out what happened to your associate before his potential killer returns.

The room itself looks like a typical killer’s lair; blood on the walls, torture chair, body bag. It’s the sort of place you don’t really want to be hanging around in! We got to work immediately, gathering any loose objects and trying to determine what our first move would be. Our advice in this room is to be thorough with searching – we missed something that was in an obvious place and consequently wasted about five minutes. The rest of the hour flew by as we scrambled to find out what happened to our fellow detective!


We found the puzzles to be perfectly pitched, they weren’t too easy but then we didn’t exactly breeze through them either. In the first half of the game we found that they didn’t require any leaps in logic, although the reasoning behind a killer leaving so many puzzles around didn’t really ‘fit’ in the world that the game was building.

The transition between the first and second room was fun, we were expecting a similarly themed area so to get something so completely different was a nice surprise and somehow made the first room even more disturbing!


As mentioned, the first half of the game featured puzzles that followed a logical train of thought. The second half of the game still featured these traits but occasionally chucked in puzzles that required some real abstract thinking. We wouldn’t say any of them were unfair but some we’re not sure we’d have ever have solved without the odd nudge.

One thing that we think should be changed though is a part of the game dealing with magnets. We’ve seen these features in a number of other rooms but here we just found this physically impossible to operate. The magnet was too strong and kept being attracted to the floor rather than the object we needed. We wasted a bit of time with this before the game operator gave us the code that the object would’ve provided as it became clear we weren’t going to retrieve it! We mentioned this afterward and were told that some people have had trouble with it but then others haven’t so it’s likely to stay for the immediate future.

Disturbed (2016) Breakout Cardiff


We really enjoyed this game though it’s worth pointing out that it’s definitely on the difficult end of the scale!

From a horror/scare point of view, whilst it’s themed appropriately, there isn’t much that we’d say pushes those buttons beyond the room’s concept. Reading some of the killer’s notes were a touch unsettling but that was generally about as far as the horror went.

And we have to say that everyone working at Breakout seemed to really enjoy what they do and were all super cool and friendly!

Ticket Price: £12-18 per person depending on day attended and number of people playing.
Address: Unit 9a, The Brewery Quarter, Caroline Street, Cardiff, CF10 1FG

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