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Seven Tips for Surviving a Scare Attraction

If you’re nervous about entering a scare maze, these tips will help you out!

Here at Scare Addicts we’re often told how we’re mad to go through any kind of scare maze. Friends tell us that they simply couldn’t do it. We totally get that. Our first time going through an attraction was less enjoyable for us than it is now. But we like to think that they’re one of these things that you might enjoy once you take that first step. With that in mind, we’ve drawn up a list of survival tips if you’re on the fence about going through a haunt. Quick caveat to say that we think following these will lessen the effect that these attractions have so you’ll be watering down the experience!

1. Get in the middle of your group

The back can be equally as bad as the front. Sometimes even worse as there’s nowhere to go if you’re being followed!

2. Don’t react

Try not to react – if you react, you’ll get singled out.

3. Don’t run

Following on from our second tip, outside of mazes, never, ever run away from a roaming character. If you run, they WILL chase.

4. Don’t hide

Be aware of your surroundings. If you’re burrowed into someone’s back, you’re less likely to see where the next scare’s coming from and that’s what the actor wants!

5. Don’t stop

Keep moving forward, every step gets you closer to the exit! Freezing up is just going to prolong your stay in the attraction!

6. Don’t stand out

Try to dress inconspicuously. There’s a certain shirt that I have that has ALWAYS drawn attention to me. Without fail. Don’t wear anything with recognisable logos as you’ll give the actor something to use and single you out with.

7. Keep calm

Remember, it’s not real and nothing will hurt you. Feel emboldened by the knowledge that as long as you put one foot in front of the other, you’ll get out!

Follow all of these tips and we think you’re likely to emerge from the event with a smile on your face! And if you can think of any others – let us know!

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