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Best of 2016

As it’s now 2017, we wanted to look back on our best of 2016 – have a read and let us where you agree or disagree with us!



Third Place: Scarefest at Alton Towers

Though it had a relatively small number of haunts compared to other events, their quality more than made up for the quantity. And, for a mainstream theme park, it was surprising to see how extreme the mazes were. We cannot wait to see what they come up with this year and it’s on our ‘must-do’ list.

Review here:

Runner Up: Shocktoberfest at Tulleys Farm

Boasting one of, if not, the biggest number of haunts in the UK, the quality definitely doesn’t suffer. And with live music, a few rides and multiple food courts; Shocktoberfest is a place where you can easily spend the entire night which is sometimes difficult to say about the non-theme park Halloween events.

Review here:

Winner: Broadwitch Hauntfest

This was an easy one for us. With a varied range of haunts, friendly staff and attentiveness towards batching, we had a perfectly tuned Halloween experience here. Very much a case where all the small things added up to deliver a great evening. And they offered a very aggressive full contact maze!

Review here:



Third Place: 139 Copeland Road

139 Copeland Road appeared just after the Halloween season ended offering something completely different to October’s shenanigans. Taking part in a séance that inevitably goes wrong; this was the closest that we’ve felt to actually being in a horror movie and we love it for that!

Review here:

Runner Up: No Strings Attached by Hide and Shriek

Christmas with a difference! Of the three choices in this category, No Strings Attached was the most ‘traditional’ scare attraction. Where it excelled was that everything was turned up to eleven with a very hands-on walkthrough that had us completely unsure of what was going to happen next!

Review here:

Winner: Shadow Over Southwark by Fire Hazard

Fire Hazard run a series of ‘City Dash’ games and this was their horror-themed version of that. Left to our own devices for the duration of the experience; every choice we made was ours. This added to the fear as nothing was scripted – there could have been a monster at the end of that enclosed path or there might not have been!

Review here:



Third Place: Blackpool Prison at Scream-A-Geddon

We were sold on the theme alone, a prison in the midst of a riot. It’s something that we haven’t seen before and the multiple routes and scenarios made this a haunt that we would’ve returned to if we had the time. Locked in prison cells, split up, threatened with knives – this maze was fantastic!

Review here:

Runner Up: Biometrix at Broadwitch Hauntfest

This haunt was perfectly designed. The first room or two were completely empty which just built up the tension. And then the first appearance of a zombie was behind us – where we least expected it! It was clear that a lot of thought had gone into planning this maze. And the actors were suitably aggressive which made for an awesome time.

Review here:

Winner: Sub Species: The End Games at Scarefest

What we loved about this haunt was that it was a genuine maze. After a very abrupt beginning, we were left to fend for ourselves. We had so many great moments in here including one section where we accidentally gave one of the other guests a fright! And there was also a fully made up monster in here, going beyond the simple face paint you usually see elsewhere!

Review here:



Third Place: Escape the Bunker by Escape Rooms

A promo room to coincide with the release of ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ on home video, this was a perfect marriage of intellectual property and event. They ensured that the key elements from the film were represented and for something temporary, it really felt the part!

Review here:

Runner Up: Room 13 by Escape Live Essex

Whilst we are getting a bit tired of the SAW-alike theme in escape rooms, we loved the theming and mostly logical nature of the puzzles in this one. The set was definitely one of the best that we’ve seen, eschewing the typical industrial look for a hospital room and it definitely worked, especially when other areas opened up.

Review here:

Winner: The Haunting – The Secret of the Mansion by Mindquest Live

First off, this room avoided a horror escape room cliché by not being based around a serial killer. Instead, we’re in a supposedly haunted mansion trying to determine if it is indeed haunted and, if so, why. We loved the haunted effects and focus on telling a story, setting it apart from anything else that we’ve seen!

Review here:



Third Place: Ghostbusters Slime-Along at Empire Live

Watching the original 1984 Ghostbusters whilst getting pelted with slime. It was so much fun and also got super messy towards the end!

Review here:

Runner Up: The Paradise Foundation Ending at Screamland

We mentioned this in our review, noting that the effects were too toned down to fully sell the idea. However, we just keep coming back to it… Something about the premise of that final scene really stuck with us. We won’t spoil it here suffice to say that it isn’t a typical impact scare finale, they aimed for something more sinister and disturbing!

Review here:

Winner: The Repository at Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 26

We’ve started to see VR creep into scare attractions now but the use of it is sometimes jarring. For example, ‘Virtually Dead’ used it in a rather clumsy fashion but ‘The Repository’ utilised VR the right way, in a highly interactive manner. It assisted the overall attraction by taking guests to places that it wasn’t physically possible (or safe) to do for real and felt like less of a gimmick as a result.

Review here:


And that’s that for 2016! Here’s hoping to an even better year in 2017!

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